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What makes a good hero? Some say "it's what they stand for". Other's say their power set. My answer are their villains. But what good is a villain if he isn't portrayed well enough? Christopher Eccleston's Malekith, Guy Pierce's Aldrich Killian, Mickey Rourke's Whiplash, all of them are great actors who played great villains in the comics (minus Killian), but they failed to deliver on screen. For some villains, it worked like Red Skull, Ronan, and obviously Loki.

Marvel and DC have a bunch of villains and Hollywood is filled with great actors. So let me tell you these actors, who need to play these iconic villains.

Luke Evans - Kraven the Hunter

Luke Evans is an actor who only just started his career. His name is being thrown around Hollywood lately, that we should expect to see him in a superhero role. But honestly, he'll make a much better villain and Kraven the Hunter is the way to go. Although the film Dracula Untold was "meh" it was Luke Evans performance that made the film watchable. Plus he's set to play the antagonist, Gaston, in the live-action Beauty and the Beast. He can play an ego-centric villain who let's pride run his actions.

If you want to make a Spider-Man film dark and gritty, you go with Kraven. A man who see's Spider-Man as the ultimate prey, proving to him to be his most challenging hunt. Although, I think Spider-Man needs to be less dark; the correct way to do it is with Kraven at the helm as the main villain. If you were to compare Spider-man and Batman's rogues gallery, Kraven is equivalent to Bane and how awesome is that.

Joe Manganiello - Deathstroke

When it comes to the character Deathstroke, we don't care who plays him, as long as he is portrayed correctly. Manu Bennet did a fantastic job as Slade on Arrow, but now let's take Deathstroke to the big screen. You need someone who can hold his own off an all-star cast and Joe Manganiello is the man for the job. His name is being thrown around lately for the role and how could it not? The man looks like Slade Wilson, he has the physique to pull it off, and I have the feeling he's down to play the role. 'Nuff said.

Damien Lewis - Taskmaster

Couple months ago, I wrote an article about characters that needed to be in Agents of Shield Season 2. Damien Lewis is a phenomenal actor with a great acting resume in Homeland and the magnificent mini-series Band of Brothers. This guy can act and he has proven that he can do action and Taskmaster is the way to go.

Hopefully, they'll go with the cool modern look, as seen above, and make something completely original in their movies or TV Shows. For those who don't know, Taskmaster is a mercenary who can study anyone's move and use them against their opponent. He has gone toe to toe with Captain America, so he would be a great addition for Cap 3, but I believe it's Agents of Shield that will give him true justice. Make him like Deathstroke in Arrow on Agents of Shield. Whitehall, was a bit of a let down, Taskmaster can be the main antagonist for Season 3 of Agents of Shield.

Karl Urban - Ocean Master

A few months ago, Karl Urban's name was rumored to be playing Ocean Master in the standalone Aquaman film. Ever since then the rumored has died down, but never have I wanted a rumor to be more true. Karl Urban's name is quite famous in geek culture, playing Judge Dredd and our favorite Doctor in the Star Trek films. To play Aquaman's brother would be awesome!

Karl Urban is already built for the role. He has a strong commanding presence when he's on screen. Plus, I can't imagine anyone else playing Ocean Master. Ocean Master could be the Loki of the DCCU and who wouldn't want that?

Robert Knepper - Mephisto

This is going to be short. Robert Knepper, is Mephisto. The man already looks like him and if you were to incorporate his character, T-Bag, in the show Prison Break, you will believe me. The man played a chaotic, sadistic killer and what made it incredible was you weren't disgusted by him, but rather intrigued by the character. Rumors are, that the Doctor Strange movie will turn out to be part of the horror sub-genre. If they were to do that, the best villain would be Mephisto. What's scarier than the devil himself?

That concludes my list. If you agree or disagree, let me know in the comment section below, and be sure to check out my other article on which actors should play superheroes.


Which casting choice do you prefer?


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