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My 2 favorite stars, Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick. What could be wrong? From the title you might think that this is another Anna Kendrick’s musical movie. Well you are wrong

Synopsis: Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) a bathtub factory workers who think that he can talk to his cat and dog at home. Jerry’s cat always tells Jerry to do negative things while his dog advised him to do positive things. One day, Jerry accidentally killed his colleague that he likes. Since then, the voice from his brain increased.

Actually it's quite fun. Warning, there are some gore and disturbing scene because the film’s genre is a thriller. Conversations between a cat, a dog & Jerry’s victim lasted smooth and funny. From shooting technique, we will feel like watching independent films. Mainstream stuff like wood and dark atmosphere certainly still exists.

Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick‘s acting certainly is certainly no doubt. The film was one of the best performances from Reynolds. Psychopath plays innocent and unpredictable. Maybe after seeing this movie, it would be horrified with a sweet grin of Ryan Reynolds. Although the portion of Anna Kendrick is not so much, she is still able to captivate us as women who are interested in Jerry. Of course we are still fascinated with her sweet smile.

In this film we are invited to see the perspective from a psychopath and how he thinks. We will be confused, afraid and sorry for Jerry figure. The negative of this film is probably the ending is too forced and rushes. But the film closes with Epic credit scene from Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick, etc.



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