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Matt Walz

In the last few years, racial and gender diversity has become the foremost issue in comic movies. Fans debate every casting choice incessantly, with the loudest voices going to those with the most pure views: either keep them completely the same, or aim for total diversification.

Most recently, Spider-Man has become the focus of these issues. People take all sorts of approaches to it: some want Peter Parker, some want Miles Morales, others take various approaches to it, including casting someone of a different ethnicity as Peter.

But why force one of these views? The middle ground can bring us something even better than only Peter or only Miles. It can avoid displeasing die-hard Parker fans, as well as the young and energetic Morales crowd. The solution really could be simple-why not both?

Bringing the two popular Spider-Men in, cast accurately to their comic forms, would please fans on all sides. We would finally see the Peter we deserve, and Miles would not be hung out to dry. Not only would this work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it would provide a fantastic potential storyline for the Spider-Man solo movie or movies.

It will almost certainly be Peter appearing in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409), but, provided Marvel can get the rights, Miles could appear in the solo movie. This opens several possible story possibilities, even the chance for a major character to die.

Yes, I speak of the Death of Spider-Man. Though Peter is a beloved character, no major player has bit the dust yet-and we will likely see the end of Phase II before that happens. I don't mean to say I want a major character to die, but in a movie universe, it will get serious sooner or later. The Death of Spider-Man would be fantastic in this role. Peter will have given us the movies we deserve, and Miles will come in to carry the torch through the remainder of the Universe.

While I don't see this happening immediately after Peter's introduction, I firmly believe that this is the strongest course of action. Marvel has yet to let us down, but taking a different course could keep fans from being satisfied yet again. You can't please everyone-but the Peter-Miles combo would go a long way to doing just that, and doing it in the most ultimate, amazing way.

So what do you think? Should [Marvel](channel:932254) pursue Miles as well? And if so, could they-and should they-use Death of Spider-Man?


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