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I think we can all agree that Disney is a company that promotes happiness. I mean the films tend to be light-hearted and positive, and hey... DisneyLAND is literally "The Happiest Place on Earth". When people win sports championships, the first place they plan to go is Disneyland. Pure jubilation, really.

So, what happens when we blend the happiness of Disney with some dark and disturbing content? Only, like, the coolest thing ever. We get to reimagine our favorite Disney Princess as a zombie. Or we get to see them a bit bloodier than they usually get in the movies/shows.

Or, it's just dark and morbid and amazing. Here's a list of some of the craziest dark Disney fan creations on the internet.

1. Truly creepy Maleficent

jeftoon01 on deviantart
jeftoon01 on deviantart

2. Sleeping Beauty

jeftoon01 on deviantart
jeftoon01 on deviantart

By: jeftoon01

3. "Dismal Disney" Snow White

By: Jemely & Jeremy Jayme

4. Mike Wazowski looking jacked up

By: Dan LuVisi

5. Creepy Winnie

By: Aris Del Rosario

6. Mugshot Minnie

By: Jose Duran Bulgarelli

7. Black and white Alice in Wonderland


8. A depressed meeting of the minds

RailedRobin on imgur
RailedRobin on imgur

9. Brutal Lady and the Tramp

By: David Murk

10. Insane Mickey


By: inter666

11. Creepy eyed mugshot-type-portraits

By: Raquel Segal

12. Donald Dark

By: Ilya Shebunov

13. Dark Ariel

By: Alexandra Mae

14. Minnie's Anatomy

15. Donald Freddy

16. Hellmouser

By: Alessandro Conti

17. Dawn of a Black Day

18. Zombie Woody

By: Piers Hazell

19. Tatted up Snow White

By: André Rodrigues

20. Dark Winnie

By: Garcho

21. Zombie Tink

By: AyaBlue22

22. Super disturbing Disney collab

By Ken Haeser

23. Snow White Zombie

By: Chelsea Grin

24. More zombie Disney craziness


By: Monsterjr

25. Gnarly Ariel

By: Witit Karpkraikaew

26. No-eye-having Snow White


27. Those eyes... almost lifeless

By: Originalnick

28. Mickey Mouse and Pikachu are undead friends?

By: Bobby Hebdige

29. Snow White

By: Sai

30. Buff-as-hell Mickey

Darko Kreculj
Darko Kreculj

By: Darko Kreculj

31. A Little Mermaid

By: Spadez-ace

32. Modern Art Mickey

Secret of life
Secret of life

By: Greg-leon-Guillemin

33. Zombie-killing Pocahontas

The Walking Disney : Pocahontas and John
The Walking Disney : Pocahontas and John

By: Kasami Sensei

34. Twisted Mickey

By: Masacrar

35. Hairy/Scary Mickey

By: Ruben Martinez

36. Effed up Mickey


By: Pablo Stanley

Yikes, I feel like I need to take a cold shower after that one... EEK!


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