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How I Met Your Mother has always been a favorite TV show of mine. So, naturally, I find myself quoting it regularly. Whether it's a quick "legen—wait for it—dary!" or singing a quick verse of Robin Sparkle's "Let's Go to the Mall," I look for every opportunity to interject with a line from one of my favorite characters.

While matching quotes with the characters who said them and pitting your answers against other Movie Piloters might not be the most scientific means of measuring a person's love of the show, it certainly doesn't hurt! So join me in playing along in a bit of fan trivia to decide who said it!

Note: The GIFs and images included below are not hints and give no indication of who said the quote, they're there solely for aesthetic purposes.


"It was a cockamouse! It's some sort of mutant combination of the two. It's as if a cockroach and a mouse, you know..."

"Matchmaker" Season 1, Episode 7 - Lily


"Long distance is a lie teenagers tell each other to get laid the summer before college."

"Cupcake" Season 1, Episode 16 - Ted


"Whenever I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead."

"Where Are We?" Season 2, Episode 1 - Barney


"The best I can give you is a fake smile and dead eyes."

"Cupcake" Season 1, Episode 16 - Robin


"I wound up shame-eating the whole pizza. I woke up all greasy and sweaty. My sheets looked like what they wrap Deli sandwiches in. Maybe I should join a gym. Do you go to a gym?"

"The Yips" Season 3, Episode 10 - Ted


"Jelly beans, fluffernutter, Gummi bears, ginger snaps- this is a grocery list."

"Spoiler Alert" Season 3, Episode 8 - Marshall


"The three day rule is a childish, manipulative mind game. But yeah, you wait three days."

"Three Days Rule" Season 4, Episode 21 - Lily


"You take a man's wife before you take his accidental curly."

"Gary Blauman" Season 9, Episode 21 - Marshall


"What are these guys thinking? I am way past my “dating prisoners” phase. I mean, hello, I’m not 19 anymore."

"The Possimpible" Season 4, Episode 14 - Robin


"Just be cool, Lady. Damn."

"Last Forever Part 1" Season 9, Episode 23 - Ted


"No, it was two nights ago. "She's Like the Wind" has been stuck in my brain for about 40 hours. I just got it out; now it's back in. Damn you, Swayze!"

"First Time in New York" Season 2, Episode 12 - Marshall


"We spend an hour arguing about where to eat, and we end up here anyway. I haven’t eaten for two days. Can we please, for the love of God, just order something now?"

"The Best Burger in New York" Season 4, Episode 2 - Robin


"It's robots versus wrestlers!"

"Robots Versus Wrestlers" Season 5, Episode 22 - Barney


"AAARGH! I can't think straight! Why do you have to wear that shirt? This is NOT HOW I THOUGHT THIS NIGHT WAS GOING TO GO!"

"Big Days" Season 6, Episode - Marshall


"You waited 17 years to tell me you met the greatest boxer of all time? My child was rocked to sleep by Senator Mike Tyson?!"

"Bad Crazy" Season 8, Episode16 - Lily

Now that the show has ended — and in one of the most upsetting ways possible, I might add *cries* — there's nothing but our memories, a catalog of memorized quotes, and all of the episodes on Netflix to see us through.

So how did you guys do? What are some of your favorite lines or running gags from How I Met Your Mother? Let me know in the comments section!


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