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The Addams Family is one of the coolest families, fictional or otherwise. Everybody from the show had some weird thing going on, which made it fun to watch.

I would say that while the whole family was creepy, it was in one of the most fun ways that creepy can go. It kind of had a Nightmare Before Christmas feel to it. Honestly, the creators of the Addams Family as an entity must have been pretty messed up - in the best way possible, of course.

Here's some fan art that you can find in its entirety on the Addams Family Deviantart page. But these are a few of the best!

'Kyber02' depicts them as a spooky but friendly and tight-knit family

Check this out from 'ubegovic', originally done for a weekly art challenge

'MadisonLossen' sketched out Morticia Addams

'Grunnet' also has a depiction of Morticia, done with watercolors and pens

'Krazyminor2011' does their version of Wednesday Addams

It only took 'KR0NPR1NZ' half an hour to do this amazing sketch of Wednesday

'ScorpionsKissx' nails this version of a family portrait

'GirlyClam' came with the Wednesday Addams and Eddie Munster romantic portrait... awwww

'GHDrisdale' has a very realistic and creepy photo of Wednesday that looks like it came straight from a horror flick

'HaiGianne' has her own Wednesday

'DisneyWiz' does the evolution of Wednesday

'ArtByBeccam' with yet another Wednesday piece

What do you think of these?

(Via: deviantart)


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