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Mark Newton

It's a good thing zombies do not really exist, because I'm sure many of them would be offended by the content of The Walking Dead.

Over the five seasons, we've seen the show develop into a cavalcade of close-up graphic-prosthetic-smashing zombie kills. By this point in the show, practically every object known to man has been used to kill a walker, but still they keep coming up with more ideas. Here are some of the most brutal walker kills in GIF form.

Slice of the action

A head for heights

Stomping grounds

Taking OfFENCE

Jaw bone

Pain in the butt


Slice of the action (Part II)

Nonchalant Violence

An eye for the ladies

A bit off the top

Two for one offer

A smashing good time

And again

Careful, you'll have someone's eye out!

Coupé de grace

A garden variety kill

Wire all the violence?

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Police brutality

He'll never get a head in life

Water a way to go

It pays to get a head (same pun as above, I know)

Having a riot

Fire works


It's hammertime

Just legitimately quite violent

Did we miss some? Add your own in the comments below.


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