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Kit Simpson Browne

One of the enduring mysteries surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 2016's premier Batman and Superman-battling movie - is just how Wonder Woman is going to fit into the presumably BvS-heavy plot.

Will she, as rumored, have been present in 'Man's World' for over a century, or will one single event draw her into proceedings? Well, rumors up till now have remained pretty vague, but while we wait (im)patiently, one intrepid fan artist has set out a visually striking - and, narrative-wise, seriously intriguing - possibility: that it's the destruction of Themyscira that'll bring Wonder Woman into the fray...

The poster is the work of Jordy Roelofs, a.k.a. DeviantArt's Visuasys - and aside from looking absolutely awesome, it very much opens up the aforementioned intriguing possibility: Could Wonder Woman really find herself the last survivor of Themyscira, after some sort of mysterious event (I'm looking at you, Zod...) destroys it?

It'd certainly make for an interesting solo movie the year after...

What do you think, though? Will we see Themyscira get destroyed in Batman v Superman? If not, what will bring Wonder Woman into the story? And just what will we see happen in her solo movie?



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