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Rob Harris

Looking to get your superhero fix while you await the tantalizingly close release date of Avengers? Well, what better way to stave off your Marvel hunger than Sony's brand new series Powers, adapted from the works of none other than Age of Ultron's own author, Brian Michael Bendis?!

Sony's epic new series follows the story of two detectives belonging to the special 'Powers' division, tasked with investigating superhero-related homicides. The show has a more gritty and grounded tone than most comic book adaptations, and strikes an interesting middle ground between the fantastical and the familiar.

Still not sold? Well, I'll make it easy for you. The very first episode is completely free, so why not try it out? You can watch it below:

The first three episodes of Powers are available for streaming on Sony's PlayStation Network service.

What do you think of Powers? Do you plan on sticking with the series?


What did you think of episode 1?


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