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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

The Flash is set to speed back onto our TV screens next Tuesday, and with all of the excitement that that news brings, The CW has released an all new poster and trailer that'll really get you Flash-fans pumped!

Check this out:

Doesn't he look great?
Doesn't he look great?

In the upcoming episode, "Out Of Time," Central City will get rocked by the appearance of Mark Mardon, better known to me and you as The Weather Wizard. He's in town to get revenge for the death of his brother Clyde, who was previously killed in an encounter with The Scarlet Speedster.

This awesome little teaser video brings together all of The Flash's impending Rogue's Gallery, including a little snippet of a certain Trickster with Mark Hamill back at his pantomime bad guy best!

Tensions are high and the stakes ever higher for The Flash. Will he survive the heat (that's possibly also caused by friction)?

(Source: IGN)


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