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While Disney found a way to create villains that scared us all as children, the artist who works under the pseudonym Saint Hoax has found what scares us most as adults: bipartisan unrest, growing racial and socioeconomic tensions, and the current state of domestic and foreign affairs. Truly spooky stuff.

In Saint Hoax's gallery titled PoliVillains, they included this short poem discussing the series:

Once upon a fiery night
When leftists took an unholy right
And rightists took a wicked left
Agendas planned with utter deft
Bloody eyes and a vicious grin
A long road that is paved with sin
They don't cast spells, nor do they breathe fire
Characterized as meticulous liars
Intentions hidden behind a veil
There’s nothing fairy about that tale
They turn the page to a darker chapter
Where we live happy never after.

Check out some of Saint Hoax's work below:

1. Kim Jong-un (North Korea) - The Queen of Hearts

2. Sarah Palin (United States) - Cruella De Vil

3. Nicolas Sarkozy (France) - Jafar

4. Margaret Thatcher (United Kingdom) - Yzma

5. Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico) - Gaston

6. Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) - Lady Tremaine

7. King Abdullah (Saudi Arabia) - Governor Ratcliffe

8. Pauline Marois (Canada) - Ursula

9. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Turkey) - Hades

10. Nicolás Madur (Venezuela) - Captain Hook

11. Vladimir Putin (Russia) - Claude Frollo

This is not to say that all politicians are villains or deserved to be vilified, but it is a good reminder that we should always be wary of people in power. What better way to teach this in a palatable way than through Disney fan art?

To see even more of Saint Hoax's thought-provoking work, be sure to check out their website HERE.

(Via: Saint Hoax, Buzzfeed)


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