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It's a little known fact that the original designs for Snow White caused a scandal with Disney due to her overtly 'raunchy' image, and the family-friendly animation company even tried to destroy all of the sultry drawings to protect their reputation.

While the moral outrage over a flash of ankle and a scarlet pout might seem ridiculous to our modern sensibilities, Snow White was animated in the conservative '30s and Walt Disney took the wholesome image of his company incredibly seriously.

The 'scandalous' original Snow White design
The 'scandalous' original Snow White design

Perhaps the most confusing thing is who Walt Disney chose to animate Snow White if he was looking for a modest image for his premier princess...

Disney hired the artists behind the scantily clad '30s cartoon, flapper girl Betty Boop who was primarily known for her seductive image, perhaps because so few people had experience in animating human figures convincingly at the time.

The seductive Betty Boop
The seductive Betty Boop

Bobby Livingstone, an art expert at RR Auctions explained:

This is the earliest Snow White cel that we are aware of...Walt Disney hired the artists who did Betty Boop and their early version of Snow White resembled Betty Boop, such as the way she held her skirt up.
This was not the image Disney wanted for Snow White and he killed this version. He thought Snow White ought to be wholesome and rooted in innocence rather than be sexy

In response to Disney's protests, the artist dressed Snow White in a more demure peasants dress and got rid of her pouting lips and fluttering eyelashes.

Snow White after her modest makeover
Snow White after her modest makeover

The celluloid image of the original Snow White is the last surviving remnant of her existence, and it sold at action in 2014 for $15,000 at a US auction in Boston.

Source: The Mirror


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