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The release of Captain America : Civil War is a year away and even the shooting hasn't begun yet. But Marvel fans and the superhero fan community is always busy coming up with theories, rumors and ideas of how the movie would be or SHOULD be. I am a big fan of Marvel and this is my first post on moviepilot so I want to show you my exciting theory here.

Captain America : Civil War is more of a "Mini-Avengers" movie not only because it is superhero studded but it has the same expectation and anticipation that fans have for Avengers : Age Of Ultron. And I am actually more excited about the superhero rift more than the Ultron reign. Speaking of rift, let me first start off with the possibility of the various superheros to be included in this epic faceoff movie.

1. Iron Man

2. Captain America

Yeah, obviously.

3. Falcon

4. Hawkeye

5. Winter Soldier

6. Black Widow

7. Nick Fury

Confirmed by Marvel to appear.

8. Black Panther

9.. Spiderman

While Black Panther's appearance has been officially confirmed by Marvel, the appearance of Spider Man is yet to get an official announcement. But he is most likely to swing across skyscrapers in this movie as it has been said that Spider Man will be introduced in one Marvel movie before his solo outing. So considering the movies slated to release prior to Spider Man's slot, CACW seems to be the most obvious choice. I don't think we would have any other superheros in this movie except for the ones mentioned above except for Daredevil who is getting his Netflix series. Nobody is sure about how Marvel will pull him into the MCU but let's just see. I'll tell why the rest of the crew womr be there..

1. Hulk - He won't fit the storyline no matter what. He will probably leave earth for planet hulk at the end of the Avengers sequel.

2. Thor - He will definitely suffer a lot in the Avengers sequel which will lead him to resign from the Avengers initiative. That makes sense as his third movie revolving around Ragnarok will only happen if he is away from the team.

3. Quick Silver - As far as it seems, he will most likely become dust by Ultron. It all connects and makes sense and I feel sad about it.

4. Scarlet Witch - She will switch sides and turn against the Ultron after he kills her brother. I think this might be the turning point in the film. According to what I found, she will be severely wounded in the film and gets hospitalized for a long time. A little bird told me believe it or not.

5. War Machine - He dies. He will and he must. Because that incident is a perfect inspiration for Stark to come up with the Super Hero Registration Act.

6. Vision - Little is known about his role in the MCU but if Marvel wants to bring him in they would probably start off by bringing much depth to his character through the Guardians of Galaxy movie.

Now for the plot..

The Avengers dissamble post the Ultron nightmare. Hulk and Thor leave the planet for solo adventures. Iron Man loses War Machine due to his mistake and he spends an awful lot of time recovering from that. Scarlet Witch who lost her bother is in the hospital totally immobile. Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury along with the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D are busy cleaning up the mess post the Ultron showdown. Steve Rogers, who lost his shield in the brutal duel, traces the place of origin of the metal Vibranium and makes an arrangement to get a new one.

Meanwhile, Stark who lost his best friend assumes it as a wake up call and frames the superhero registration act ( if you don't know what it is then stop reading this right here and Google it). This act is received positively by Hawkeye and Nick Fury and the shield agents but as expected, it gets opposed by Rogers, Natasha and Falcon. While all this happens, cap's new shield gets delivered from Wakanda by you-know-who. Cap invites him to stay with him for a while too. Peter Parker (Not Morales please!) a.k.a The Spiderman arises post the Avengers-Ultron battle and becomes an unidentified superhero by then (This can be showed off in the after credit sceneof Ant Man). Stark pays no heed to Rogers and ropes in Parker to reveal his identiy.

This enrages Rogers and he fight Stark in a classy battle. During the clash, the Black Panther is revealed and he fights Hawkeye. Spiderman fights the Falcon on one side and the S.H.I.E.L.D agents take Natasha Down on the other side. She is taken hostage by Stark at this point and he uses her to blackmail Rogers to sign the act. While all this is happening, Crossbones secretly peopells HYDRA and a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D agents and devices a plan that makes use of the rift between the two groups. Stark compells Rogers to come to the Avengers tower to sign the act. But things go berzerk when Crossbones intervenes and kills Steve Rogers at the meeting (Yeah he does!). Spiderman and Hawkeye assume it to be a trap set by Stark himself, and joins Falcon and the Black Panther against him.

With nobody to stand by his side, Stark flees. He suffers an emotional turmoil as he has been the reason why Rhodes and Rogers died. During his hideout,he is confronted by Bucky who attempts to kill him for what he did. But Stark however convinces him that he did not plan to murder Rogers and that whatever happened was unknown to him. He expresses his desire to set things straight and Bucky agrees with him. While the New Avengers (I mean it) are in a rough battle against Crossbones and HYDRA, Stark along with Bucky makes a huge appearance along with and he begins taking out the bad guys in a way nobody has ever seen him do (rage dude,rage). Bucky picks up cap's shield (Yay!) and seeing Bucky himself on the side of Stark,everyone else get convinced that Stark is not a bad guy. As I said, we get a "Mini-Avengers" size climax sequence. Stark once again strips off his armor and announces his retirement. But Nick convinces him to become the Head of the S.H.I.E.L.D and he agrees to it.

We get the "New Avengers" in the movie and we see Rogers die and Bucky taking up his position. Also Stark ceases to be the Iron Man too. All of these make perfect sense to me and I hope Marvel makes a movie that does justice to the Marvel fans. Do you agree with me? Please leave your feedback.


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