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We watch those films which are highlighted the most through media but what about those films which are not popular enough to gain more attention of the audience?

Check out the list of top 10 underrated films

10. Cheap Thrills (2013)

This film deals with the genre of black comedy. It puts two helpless characters in the situations which are very manipulating for them and then plays with them. The film explores one's boundary or limitation in order to get rich and it is hilarious, but wait a minute just when you will laugh out loud and as the film will proceed further then suddenly you will realize that it's not funny any more. The climax will leave you in shock and the film will increase the intensity as it will proceed further. Telling you anything about this film's storyline will be a sin so this is all I can tell you about it without giving you any spoilers.

9. Afflicted (2013)

That time was different when found footage films seemed very new to us and the contributions made by 'The Blair Witch Project' and 'Cannibal holocaust' is unforgettable. But what made this genre popular worldwide was 'Paranormal Activity'. The approach is that of a hand held camera of camera recording certain scenes which provides the realistic touch to the movie. One remarkable work of this approach can be seen in the film Chronicle (2012) which is a found footage superhero film but with a dark storyline. Afflicted is a hidden gem which shows a man turning into a vampire in front of a hand held camera. You will get to see a person testing his physical abilities or superpowers in front of camera which will remind you of Chronicle but this film is darker and it is scary at certain parts as well. There are few scenes that will make you say "Holy S*** !"

8. High Tension/ Haute Tension/ Switchblade Romance (2003)

Do you know about films belonging to the list of The French Extrimity ? well google French Extrimity and you will get to know that those films which are listen under this are one of the nastiest and gory films. This film is what you need to look for if you are looking for a nice film to depict some bloody killings. A throat getting slit is not something new that you will get to see in a slasher film but boy oh boy ! you trust me will never get to see it so brutal and horribly realistic as you get to see it in this one. The twist in the climax is amazing but can be unacceptable for few viewers but the ending scene where it cuts to the credits will actually give you one hell of a jump scare.

7. Housebound (2014)

Well after long time I got to see a nice horror, thriller and comedy film. This one is actually a very interesting low budget indie film with nice storyline and few scares. The point where this film scores is the depiction of the comedy in the film. Films with the blend of horror and comedy generally depict black comedy which basically means comedy that makes light of subject matter usually considered taboo. In most of the horror and comedy films, comedy is created out of horror of bloodshed but here comedy means pure comic elements that will make you laugh your heart out as well. The suspense of the film adds well to it's thrilling element. It is gory as well but not that much. It is a must watch if you're looking for new or a recent horror comedy film.

6. Resolution (2012)

This is one hell of a nice intelligent and well made low budget indie film. Think of this film to be a low budget 'The Cabin In The Woods'. Well, The Cabin In The Woods turned out to be very disappointing for me and I believe that it is one of the highly overrated horror films . Resolution is a film with very unique storyline. A man, looking to save his best friend from the throes of methamphetamine addiction, ties him up in an abandoned cabin and induces withdrawal. This is all that's written in IMDB but trust me this film is more than that and it is stunning. Not much should be revealed about it but watch this with your friend and it will stay with you forever as one of the memorable psychological thriller film in your memory.

5. The Raid Redemption (2011)

They say that the most important element which is needed for a film to be a good film is a nice storyline but very few films are able to steal the heart of the viewers without a good storyline. These films generally score their points on the basis of the acting, special effects, action sequences etc.

This one film scores the points by depiction of the well choreographed action sequences. This film is having a very simple storyline but Holyyyy Freakinn Molyy the film is so intense that it will keep you by the edge of your seat. This film is shot in a claustrophobic environment and it uses the environments around very well in order to give you one hell of action that will stay in your memory forever. This film will make you ask one question to yourself which is, "Which film can be called as a better action film as compared to this one?"

The answer is also given in this top 10 list but this one film needs to be watched ASAP by you if you love some good action flicks.

4. The Raid 2 (2014)

This is the sequel of The Raid Redemption and also Bigger, Brutal and Gorier than it's predecessor. When people were going gaga over PG-13 rated action film filled with popular celebs, and yes I am talking about the multi-starer The Expendables 3 and also The Sabotage. There was this film which got hidden and easily became one of the underrated films. Right from skull bashing, to bone cracking the enemies this hyper violent martial arts Indonesian Film can be easily called as one of the best action film ever in the recent memory. Film is filled with many breath taking over the top notch action scenes. The camera work by director Gareth Evans is amazing and he can easily be called as one of the best action film director. There are going to be many scenes in the film which are going to stay in your memory forever be it the Hammer Girl's killing spree in the metro or Baseball batman bashing the heads of many people. Just when you will think that what can be more better than this then wait for the Epic one on one climax kitchen fighting sequence. Film will blow you away. This is indeed the best Action film ever and trust me I'm not exaggerating.

3. Blue Ruin (2013)

Well you have seen many Revenge films with clichés and similar storyline so what can be done now to restore the faith of the audience back in watching the Revenge Films again? The answer is this film. This film is a slow burner but leaves a loud impact on it's audience. It doesn't gives you a powerful protagonist who is good in fighting techniques and who is a good shooter etc.

It just shows an amateur protagonist out to seek a revenge and his interesting journey filled with thrilling ride. You will get to see dark humor as well in this film and also few elements of Quentin Tarantino as well. It is a nice Indie Low Budget revenge film which is a big slap on the faces of multi budget revenge films which just are not able to stand up to the expectations of the audience. A mysterious outsider's quiet life is turned upside down when he returns to his childhood home to carry out an act of vengeance. Proving himself an amateur assassin, he winds up in a brutal fight to protect his estranged family. Film will leave a deep impact on you and will stay with you for long time.

2. V/H/S 2 (2013)

When you hear the term 'Horror Anthology Films' then classic films like The creepshow, The twilight zone, Cat's eyes and various other pinch in your mind. You just don't get to see good horror anthology film these days and you just cannot find them in the recent years. Many films like The Abcs Of death, The Theatre Bizarre and Soft Killings also many more are highly disappointing. Anthology films are actually made up of mixed bag responses and very few of them are able to actually impress the audience. A masterpiece of an anthology film according to me is Trick 'r Treat (2008) but if you want to watch a good Horror anthology from recent years then watch out for this one.

This film has got 5 shorts which includes one wrap around segment. It is a film with the compilation of found footage type shot films and this one film gives you all the horror elements from ghosts and ghouls and unseen dead to zombies, death cult and aliens. All shorts are amazing according to me. The 3rd short in the film that is titled as 'Safe Heaven' is the best horror short according to me that I have ever seen. It's insane and amazing. Predecessor i.e. V/H/S was an average film but this one is simply amazing and mind blowing. It's a well made sequel and a bloody good anthology to be recognized. V/H/S Viral is the successor which is the most disappointing film in the trilogy. Just watch this sequel and chuck the rest of them.

1. Filth (2013)

Watch this disturbing psychological thriller, crime, drama and comedy film to know why it tops the list. This film stars the amazing young Professor X in the main lead 'Jamie McAvoy' who has delivered the best acting by today in this film. This film touches the boundaries and extremities of the high level then shows them the middle finger and makes the content insane.

This Film goes well with the title and totally justifies it as the film is 'Filthy' indeed. God what's not covered in this film? Homosexuality, drugs, sex, abuse, BDSM and what not. The beauty of the film is that despite the film being so filthy it still grabs you on your seat and doesn't makes you turn your face away from this film. The performances are amazing by all the actors in the film. This is one hell of an underrated film and needs to be recognized by many viewers to watch it ASAP.

Just one word - Incredible


If you have seen any one of these films and you believe that it is the most underrated among all of them then which one is it ?


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