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The Avengers are great and all when it comes to saving the world, but have you ever stopped to think about what they do in their downtime? What do they do when they're not smashing aliens, blowing up robots, or fighting cosmic gods?

Thanks to Edy Hardjo we get to see a whole new side to the Avengers as well as some other favorite superheroes. So sit back and revel in the secret of your favorite superheroes finally being spilled.

Hulk-The Secret Hairdresser

Let it go...

What Really Happens In Avengers 2

The Real Battle

An Unusual Campfire

A Lover's Kiss

Black Widow's Secret Obsession

It's Laundry Day!

Agents of Chaos

That's Not Even Right

Hop-Scotch Superhero Style

Hulk's Sewing Project

It's Cafeteria Day

And A Bonus...

So now you know what The Avengers and other superheros do when they're not saving people's lives. Seems like they turn out to be a big group of rowdy, mischievous, kinky grownups with a great sense of humor!


Which superhero picture was your favorite?


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