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For those of you who haven't heard or aren't familiar with the film, It Follows is a suspenseful horror feature that centers around a young woman named Jay (Monroe) who has sex with her boyfriend, and shortly after is drugged and bound. Jay's then told that an entity (only she can see) that can take form of any person will pursue her till death or till she passes the curse along by having sex with another individual.

The film had been previously released at the Cannes Film Festival on May 17 of last year, and will be released in theaters nationwide this Friday-- March 13. But, it's already received high critical praise for its story, acting, directing, and music. So, hopefully this also performs well at the box office. And the other day I was fortunate enough to speak separately with David and Maika.

David Robert Mitchell
David Robert Mitchell

This happens to be the director/writer's first horror movie. Having made a prior film called The Myth of the American Sleepover and, "a lot of shorts." He noted that the process of making this was quite different from his other feature.

"Yeah, I mean that first film was a very small film. And not in scope or difficulty, but for budget it was very small. And this was not a big budget film, but we did have some money, and that made things somewhat easier. It was also probably efficient to what we had available for us. And just trying to work in all of horror you're dealing with things that are constantly tricky, (and) you're trying to create a feeling of dread within the audience, and it's not something you necessarily fill a shot by shot basis throughout production. So, it's kind of thing you have to faith that your overall plan will work."

And as a horror fan himself, Mitchell mentioned being a fan of directors/films John Carpenter, John Landis, George Romero, Night of the Living Dead, An American Werewolf in London, Dawn of the Dead, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original), The Shining, and David Lynch (these not covering even half of his favorites).

In terms of the future, Mitchell already has a few films in mind that he'd like to produce, but noted that there's the "hurdle of getting financing." And while he didn't specifically mention what type of movies they'd be, Mitchell commented he'd like to do a variety of features, and expressed desire to do another horror movie, but most likely not soon.

And his hopeful expectations on the response of It Follows.

"I hope people enjoy the film. I hope that we can get in as many people as possible."

Mitchell also praised the cast on the film.

"They were really wonderful. They handled their parts in really great ways and I never had to worry about them in terms of performance. It was always just about us handling the physical logistics of getting the movie made."
Maika Monroe
Maika Monroe

Having been in the industry for over a decade and this being her second horror feature. Monroe described her experience working on the film.

"It was really intense, really intense five weeks. I guess reading the script you don't realize how difficult it is until you're there filming."

And since the film's Cannes release, a lot of articles have been pinning Monroe as a "scream queen". A role that's entailed as, "an actress who has become associated with horror films, either through an appearance in a notable entry in the genre as a frequent victim or through constant appearances as the female protagonist." (

This part has been cemented and made popular prominently by Jamie Lee Curtis, for her contributions to the Halloween series. Monroe's response on the matter--

"It's really cool. I mean, it's so weird cause making all of these movies I had no idea that they would have the response or reaction that they did. It's really exciting that people really like these movies."

And as far as a part, or movie Monroe hasn't done yet, she said she's interested in appearing in a superhero film. And remarked that it would be very exciting. Monroe also divulged that she's a horror fan, with her dad having introduced her to the genre with films like The Shining.

And as far as acting influences Monroe stated that Jack Nicholson's work in The Shining and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest helped her fall in love with acting, and for her that's where it all begun.

We also talked about her transition from an athlete to actress, from almost twelve years ago. She said that the crossover came naturally while training for kite boarding in the Dominican Republic and would send in a few audition tapes here and there until it broke out.

"It just kind of happened. I wasn't planning on it or trying for it, it just came altogether."

And as far as directors she'd like to collaborate with she mentioned Wes Anderson, noting that his films are terrific, and, "it'd be a big dream to work with him."

So, horror fans if you've been complaining about not seeing an original or creative film in ions make sure you see It Follows, this Friday. I have a feeling you won't be disappointed.


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