ByRebecca Teschner, writer at
Rebecca Teschner

we all know of this movie, all the children were probably excited for this movie to come out, but when it did, it more then disappoint. this movie took a favorite children show that we all probably watched when we were younger and turned it into a real life movie with real effects this is great and all, but why did they have to cut the story short?

'In the movie, its starts with Katara and her brother finding Aang. Then he's captured by prince Zuko after he escapes and then he gets Appa and katara go with him, then suddenly hes near a earth village.

It automatically skips to him near a earth village. We all can agree that this movie has an incomplete story line, but does that mean its bad?

Another issue about this movie is how the main character's name , Aang , is pronounce differently then the show. why did they have to change the way its said? I think if they kept the way it said in the show it might of turned out better.

I watched the series again then I watched the movie again and actually enjoyed it. I think if we look more into this movie it might seem better


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