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Phil coulson was killed by the god of mischief himself in avengers.

But we saw him alive and kicking in agents of shield.

He got resurrected by what it looks like some type of chemical made under a top secret project named "TAHITI" from the body of a dead kree.

But that project got shut down because of its maddening effects and the facility was bombed, the dead body of that kree was destroyed.

I wanted to see some more resurrection stuff but that made me think nope not any more.

But in the latest episode named "who you really are". we met a new kree vin-tak.

So, its very clear that now may be the the kree-human bypass is open on agents of shield.

After watching this, the first thing that came in my mind that yeah a kree. Now, more resurrection stuff for sure but the second thing that came in my mind was who is gonna die then??

and thats... well not comfortable. is it??


who you think gonna die??


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