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Pick off the undead from a distance with new high velocity bows, dismember goons with all new handheld melee weapons and mow through the hordes of infected in dune buggies!

Dying Light looks like it is getting a whole lot better providing us with even more ways to bludgeon and disembowel the undead. Dying Light is vast and graphically stunning. According to Techland players will soon be able to unlock even more zombie chopping action.

Techland has hinted that they will be introducing dune buggies to traverse through the back streets of Harran. Although the environment in Dying Light is dense and full of vertical movement, Techland have promised new areas to be unlocked allowing for greater navigation of the unholy city.

Deserted open farmland and a stadium (hinted by Techland last month) are just some examples of locations that will be added to the game. This makes sense when you put it together with the introduction of the buggies.

Dying Light
Dying Light

The introduction of new weapons will add even more diversity to your head bashing abilities. A sackful of side quests will be added with even more free running challenges dotted around the city.

For even more awesome and darn right bizarre Easter eggs, plus some 'killer' tips and tricks to help you survive in Dying Light check out the link below!

Dying Light
Dying Light

Dying Light: Ultimate Survival Tips, Tricks and Easter Eggs!

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