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Kieran Tyrrell

The Oscars are always enraging film lovers by constantly making the wrong decisions year in year out. Here are just some of the endless list of examples of the academy making the incorrect choice.

The Wrestler and Dark Knight are snubbed for best picture

2008 was a pretty decent year for cinema. We got the best comic book film to date in the form of the Dark knight and we got arguably Darren Aronofsky best work in the Wrestler, We also got a fairly decent Danny Boyle film in Slumdog millionaire and Ron Howards Frost/Nixon

So were the Dark Knight and the Wrestler nominated for best picture? the answer... no. Why is that? I mean if you ask anyone today "which is a better film the Dark Knight or slumdog millionaire" I think it would be hard to find someone who would say Slumdog millionaire. Mainly because what they are saying is wrong.

According to imdb the Dark Knight is one of the greatest films ever made and if you were to rank the films based on their rotten tomato scores it would turn out like this

  • The Wrestler - 98%
  • the Dark Knight - 94%
  • Milk - 94%
  • Slumdog millionaire - 92%
  • Frost/Nixon - 92%
  • Benjamin button - 72%
  • the Reader - 61%

I'm not saying that rotten tomato scores are everything but the scores are made of from a collection of reviews from critics and it shows that the Dark knight and the Wrestler on way better the the Reader and Benjamin button. So why didn't they get nominated?

Maybe I could understand the Dark knight getting snubbed because it's a big budget comic book film but the academy still should have recognised for the fantastic piece of cinema that it is. As for the Wrestler not getting nominated, I haven't the slightest clue why.

Inception isn't nominated for best director

In 2010 Christopher Nolan brought out the smartest blockbuster of the century in the form of Inception, A incredibly smart and layered film topped with Wally Pfisters wonderful cinematography and terrific performances from the films large cast. The film went on to receive many nominations including best picture and even won for its cinematography and visual effects along with a few others but one thing was missing.

Director and mastermind behind the whole film Christopher Nolan didn't receive a nomination for best director in a year where he was far and away the best director that year

There are numerous moments of genius directing within Inception. For instance the spinning hallway scene, the scene where Paris literally folds over and most brilliantly the last hour of the film is practically devoted to changing from the different dreams as the intensity ramps up and you only have a grasp on what's going on.

Compared to the kings speech Inception was by far the better directed film and the fact that Nolan wasn't even nominated shows that the academy make the most ludicrous decisions when it comes to some of the most important categories.

If you have any comments or other suggestions of when the Oscars made the wrong decisions please leave them below.


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