ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

ZOMBEAVERS is excellent bad cinema. Don't miss this one.

There are bad movies which are a waste of time; and then there is bad cinema, which is frankly, what we live for. BIRDMAN is a bad movie. SHARKNADO is bad cinema. Add ZOMBEAVERS to your must see list. This is truly epic stuff!

The plot is a template - toxic waste is spilled into a lake where it settles in a beaver dam, turning the little fur balls into ravenous killer zombeavers. Naturally, three recent high school grads and their beaus opt to spend a weekend at a cabin by the lake before beginning the college experience.

Jordan Rubin is the director. He manages to establish the set up in the first reel and then unleashes a barrage of over the top sequences. You can tell the beaver scenes are cut short, simply because the hands in the puppets had limited movement. Mid-way through the plot, we discover the Zombeaver disease is transferable to humans, just in time to turn a love-making scene into a grotesquely laughable sequence. As many comedies do, ZOMBEAVERS features a montage of outtakes during the credits, and an extra scene at the end to set up the sequel.

You'll laugh; then you'll thank me for telling you about ZOMBEAVERS.


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