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It looks like another familiar face from the world of DC Comics is set to appear in an upcoming episode of Gotham. Actor Chris Chalk (12 Years A Slave) will appear as Lucius Fox in the penultimate Episode 21 of the current first season with an option to return in Season 2.

The resident tech genius as Wayne Enterprises, Fox was last seen in Christopher Nolan's masterful Batman trilogy portrayed by the great Morgan Freeman.

Within the show, Fox emerges as a moral beacon for young Bruce Wayne. His desire to help Bruce uphold Thomas Wayne’s legacy eventually will earn him a spot as one of the boy’s most important confidants.

Fans and avid DC Comics readers will remember that Lucius Fox becomes the President and CEO of Wayne Enterprises after Bruce takes up the mantle of the Batman.

How do you guys feel about the newest addition to the cast of Gotham?

(Source: Deadline)

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