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I'm always on the lookout for cool fan creations, and today I wasn't disappointed. This installment of fandom awesome is brought to you by artist (in this case photo manipulator) Micah Nguyen, and their visual series that answers the question, "what if pokemon battles were dance battles?" The answer: Pretty epic.

You can check out the original blog post here, but like a good MP writer, I've included the entire thing below, so scroll down if you'd like some more remixed Pokemon goodness. I like this because it's different than what I usually come across in fanart - it's photo editing, not drawn, and it's dancers picked because their clothes (and hair in many cases), and poses and energy call to mind certain pokemon and their moves! A really neat interpretation, and unique. I love unique. Scroll on!

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this series is available for purchase - though they'd make a truly kickbutt bunch of posters in a row on your wall. My guess is copyright (and the fact that the artist apparently did it just for fun and not as a serious product), since as far as I can tell, these are official Pokemon images, just combined and edited with dancers in themed clothing. Still, as long as the artist isn't making money from them, enjoying them on your computer screen is fair game. And you can pick up a bunch more neat geeky artwork at Micah Nguyen's redbubble store right here.

Now enjoy the rest of the fun series! As always, thank you very much for reading, Moviepilot friends, and if possible please show the artist some love.


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