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With the exciting upcoming Netflix Daredevil series airing on April 10th, I've compiled a list of some interesting Daredevil facts. Hope you enjoy!

1. Stan Lee had serious reservations when first introducing the character.

Stan Lee worried the comic [Daredevil](movie:47230) would offend the blind community and told Marvel if there was any hint of complaints that he would pull it from shelves. Luckily, that wasn’t the case and we have been given a series of fantastic stories because of it.

2. Daredevil has had two origin stories.

In his first appearances Matt Murdock’s character simply used his acrobatic prowess to win most fights. His first costume was also yellow, not the iconic red. He later learned wrestling moves and boxing at Fogwell's Gym to improve his fighting ability.

The new Daredevil Netflix series airing April 10th will be using the updated Frank Miller origin used in The Man Without Fear. In this version Matt was trained by the blind ninja martial artist Stick from a young age. It was also suggested Matt’s radar sense was learned and honed rather than immediately present, since he had to relearn it in the series.

3. Originally Daredevil was seen as a lame Spider-Man knock off.

Daredevil started off as a kind of acrobatic trickster making jokes during his fights and facing ridiculous villains such as Stilt Man, a thief who used telescopic legs to rob high rise buildings, and the Masked Matador, an injured matador who performed armoured truck heists by throwing his red cape across the windshield. Ingenious I know. Thankfully Daredevil became the gritty hero we know and love when he began to face villains of worth such as Bullseye, The Hand (ninja army) and the crime boss Kingpin.

4. He was known as the Scarlet Swashbuckler!

When Murdock first donned the red costume, Stan Lee dubbed him the Scarlet Swashbuckler – perhaps because Lee loved the idea of a pirate leaping along rooftops in Hell's Kitchen. In truth, it was allegedly based on the narrative of adventures Murdock had undergone in Daredevil Yellow. Still though. What a name.

5. Daredevil is a bit of a ladies’ man.

Turns out being a blind crime fighter is big with the ladies – especially the ass kicking kinds. Mr Murdock has hooked up with some of the sultriest female characters in the Marvel Universe including the likes of Black Cat, Elektra and Black Widow. Lucky schmuck.

Unfortunately it’s not all as good as it sounds. Matt has had one of the most torturous love lives of any hero out there. Karen Page, the blonde bombshell secretary who was a long standing love interest of Matt’s at one point in the series got addicted to heroin/crack and started making pornographic movies. She sold out Matt’s secret identity for a fix, which led to Kingpin finding out Matt’s identity and laying down the hurt. Go figure. SPOILERS – She is later killed sending Matt spiralling into depression.

In Man Without Fear, Murdock marries a young blind woman Milla Donovan, seeing in her a fierce independency and strong heart. She later is placed in a mental asylum due to one of Daredevils enemies drugging her.

To top off Murdock’s part disaster, part envy of teenage boys everywhere love life, there is the case of Typhoid Mary; a split personality disorder mutant who was sent to assassinate Daredevil by seducing him, all while Matt was still dating Karen. She was the cause of the couples breakup and then tried to kill him multiple times, throwing him off a bridge at one point in issue #260. But I guess she was hot. So it’s ok?

Speaking of deaths...

6. Daredevil loses. A lot.

We aren't talking just battles here. Daredevil has faced the deaths of countless friends, lovers and allies. They are the driving force behind his heroism and it is these tragedies in his life that define him. He is as much a man as superhero.

Daredevil has been beaten half to death many a time, his vulnerabilities exploited and put in some of the most tragic circumstances. The new Daredevil Netflix series will apparently be focusing on this grittiness and tragedy, something Marvel say is different than anything that has come before.

7. One of Daredevil’s best friends is none other than...

Spider-Man; our favourite wall crawling webhead! When the two first met, it was during an altercation where Spider-Man tried to see who was beneath the mask. Peter later turned up at Murdock’s law firm and Murdock was able to divine Spider-Man’s identity due to his enhanced senses.

It's no surprise the two characters became friends. They are very much alike, being driven by the tragedies in their lives, deaths of a close loved one and given powers by some radioactive accident. They also share quite a few mutual villains, such as the Kingpin, Electro and Mysterio.

8. Matt Murdock created a fake twin brother and acted the part for a year!

During Daredevil’s early career, his secret identity was accidentally exposed by Spider-Man in a written letter. Karen Page opened the letter before Matt had the chance and both she and Foggy confronted him. Caught on the spot he made up the excuse Spidey must have confused him with his identical twin brother, Mike. What a bluff!

Disbelieving, both Foggy and Karen demanded to meet Mike. As a result Matt visited the offices of Nelson & Murdock dressed up extravagantly, while putting on an arrogant and loud persona of the fabricated Mike Murdock. The ruse worked and Matt kept up this triple identity for over a year! In that time Karen (Matt’s love interest) became infatuated with Mike. (So he was basically cock blocking himself). She did however later realise she loved Matt over Mike and at this point, tired of the charade, Matt faked Daredevil's (as Mike) death.

9. Daredevil is a devout Catholic.

Although the role of faith wasn't overly explored before Frank Miller had his famous run on the series, Daredevil did have Catholic roots. He doesn't go around preaching the word of God but he often follows the morals that religion taught him. The comics often deal with the nature of Murdock’s faith and its role in defining him as a person.

Thanks for reading people and hope you enjoyed. Are you as pumped as me for the Daredevil Netflix Premier on April 10th? I'm currently deciding whether to binge watch it or try and space out the enjoyment over a few days/week. What are you guys gonna do? Tweet me @Corona3andro.



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