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'Die Hard 6' had gotten a title and a screenwriter. The screenwriter in question was a gentleman who gave some juicy quotes like, "I feel it could be the 'Rocky Balboa' of the 'Die Hard' franchise!"

Despite poor reviews and a disappointing box-office take in the United States, 'A Good Day to Die Hard' made over $300 million worldwide, which is nothing to shake a stick at and a 'Die Hard 6' wouldn't necessarily be out of the question. But something about this report (a "consulting producer" is hiring an unknown screenwriter who wrote a 'Die Hard' script on spec to work on the new film?) sounded fishy.

We did some digging and talked to some sources, all of whom agreed the story was false including one at Fox who told us bluntly, "There is no truth to this whatsoever."

So there you have it. There is no development on 'Die Hard 6' at this time and it certainly has not been titled 'Die Hardest.' It may happen eventually (Bruce Willis previously gave a simple "yes" when asked about another sequel earlier this year) but this isn't it.

There are probably a million reasons why Die Hard 6 should never be made. Die Hard 5 was terrible. Bruce Willis is too old. John McClane is no longer a recognisable human being. Every time anybody makes a sequel to Die Hard, you feel like your childhood is being stabbed directly in the heart. And so on.

However, it seems that no amount of logic is enough to stop Die Hard 6 from happening. According to reports, Die Hard 6 not only has a prospective title, Die Hardest, but a location, too. This time John McClane will apparently get to wisecrack and explode his way across Tokyo before – as is now traditional in the series – collapsing in an exhausted heap, oblivious to all the sustained human death and major structural damage he is responsible for.

But look hard enough and you might find the faintest glimmer of promise. A treatment for Die Hardest is being written by Ben Trebilcook, who told Total Film: "There's the possibility producers might go back and find some other source material to base the next one on, like they did with the first and second. Mine though, I feel it could be the Rocky Balboa of the Die Hard franchise."


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