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A person's favorite movie is a perfect way for one to define themselves. I mean, at least I feel as though it is, but you may have a different opinion than mine on that, and that's cool... Then again, you're reading my blog, not the other way around, so apparently you care about my opinion.

By now, if your cornea's scanned the photograph on this post, you might have the implication that, "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" is my favorite movie. For that, I will congratulate you on being correct.

I discovered this film while catching a glimpse of the preview one day in the year of 2011, and was instantly caught, hook line, and sinker. I did not fully know what the film would be about, as one does not entirely while watching a preview. However, I noticed it was about being different in high school, which, of course I was. I mean, I am a writer for goodness sake, we all are at least a bit different, and odd.

It was the summer in 2013, and I had forgotten to watch the film up to that point. A friend came over to spend the night, his name happens to be Caiden, we have been friends since the age of twelve, and we decided to watch the glorious movie. Now, Caiden had seen it before, but of course, I had not. I continuously would rave about how the film is becoming my favorite film of all time.

No longer than two months later, my date of birth for my 18th year on this planet occurred, and as people typically do, I received a plethora of gifts. One of which, was none other than, "The Perks of Being A Wallflower." Since that date in August of 2013, I have watched the film 22 times, at least. In regards to that, I would note that it is quite safe to solidify the fact that it is, indeed, my favorite film of all time.

Now, getting into reasoning as to why this film received the rating of a pure 100%, 10 out of 10 will be described. First off, who would not rate their favorite anything a perfect score? I connect with the film; I notice new details every time I watch the film; I always find new people to enjoy the film with. Point being, I never get tired of the film, because of the fact that I always have a new reason to enjoy it. I feel as though when you have something you continue to enjoy without any sort of dislike, it has to be something of favoritism. The music in the film is beautiful, and some of which is not liked by people of my generation, which makes it unique. I just thoroughly enjoy the entire idea, and every put together piece of the film. Now, this post/review is coming to a close, and I would like to note two things that you visually, may not have noticed. One, this is not a, "Review of Perks of Being A Reader of Mine." That is something we like to call a typo, because the review is of the film mentioned throughout the 620 words of this article, "The Perks of Being A Wallflower." Second notation of which you will have no idea where this thought came from, but that's what writers do, the title of this article only has 57% of it of which relates to what the article actually happens to be about. There's a stat of the day for you.

As always, thank you immensely for reading a post of mine on my beloved blog. Critique, comments, opinions, story ideas, and more are all welcome. Until next time, thanks again, Jacko.


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