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Movies and tv shows are my passion. I am an avid movie goer but horror movies aren't my thing.
Julia Bidwell

[Pretty Little Liars ](series:201848) on ABC Family has definitely caught my attention recently. From the intrigue of who is lying to pushing the envelope of which character knows the full blown truth behind the mysterious happens of Rosewood. The Rosewood sisterhood in this series only keep the truth within themselves and tell no one else for the fear of what will their society, peers and otherwise friend's of this illustrious group. Anyways, I have this new theory of who A actually is so don't be shy to share your opinions too.


Why is it that every time I see this character something always goes down between the four main characters? Well for one thing Jenna is quite creepy with the cane and the sunglasses but don't you find it strange that she wasn't even a friend of Allison and yet she just decides to show up at her funeral a year later after Allison disappears and is found dead supposedly. Another theory that I have been playing around with is that Jenna is actually Allison with dyed hair. Also that her blindness comes from being in an incident with Toby that night in the woods when she disappeared.


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