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Hello dear reader, I'm her today to break the news to bitching fanboys everywhere. Yep, I just called you all out as what you are. Bitching fanboys. I have not seen a single video, article, or anything involving the Deadpool movie without at least, oh, about 69 (heheheh) different comments crying about how the [Deadpool](movie:38663) movie needs to be rated R. "Oh, but I don't want it toned down for little children." Well, it won't be just because it's PG-13, Guardians of the Galaxy is my go to example for this. There goes your theory, BOOM! Blown out of the water! I shall now proceed to give you 3 reasons why the movie will get a PG-13.

Reason #1: It's in the X-Men cannon directly

Now, some might argue that this would not affect the rating, I would like to protest otherwise. So far, we know that Deadpool will fit in to the X-Men cannon, it's not a standalone movie. Well, it will kinda sorta be standalone, in the same sense that the wolverine movies were standalone. Now, no X-Men movie so far has dared be rated R, the closest we got was a rated R cut of the wolverine after theaters. Now, just step back and look at this logically, why would a plot point in a movie franchise be rated R when all the movies prior (and probably afterwards) are PG-13? Wouldn't people who didn't want to watch the rated R movie maybe be a bit confused when they go to see the next X-Men movie? On top of this, Deadpool will likely be featured in other X-Men movies to come, and you can't just suddenly make a character who was clearly rated R in the X-Men cannon, PG-13 and not foul mouthed. Think about it. Now stop thinking and start reading.

Reason #2: The Fanbase

Now, I'm not going to deny that there are in fact adult fans of deadpool, but from what I've seen, his fanbase is mostly made up of what he acts like: Immature Teenagers. So if 75% of the deadpool fanbase are teens, then why would FOX let them get a R and restrict 75% of sales? Sure, kids could slip in here and there, so maybe just 70%. That's still a nasty figure there. Now, I'm no expert but if I'm in FOXes shoes and I'm looking at that number, you know what I see? I see 70% lost profit. Now, me, being the head of FOX and all, I need that profit for my bath because, well, I have to bathe in only the finest of whale seamen, and that #@$! is expensive. So I would just get the movie rated PG-13, this draws in a unintended audience to, in the form of little children WHO RUIN YOUR HOBBIT WATCHING EXPERIENCE. Oh right, article. Sorry.

Reason #3: Deadpool just isn't rated R

Okay, fanboys, you need to face the truth. Deadpool is not crass enough of a character to warrant a R rating. The truth hurts doesn't it? Yep, you're likely going down to your precious comments section to scream and kick right now, but it will do you no good. In fact, most of the deadpool comics that I have checked the rating on, have said 13+. Sure, there's a edgy joke here and there, and yes all his foes are dealt with in comically gory ways, but none of this warrants a R! He doesn't swear that much, he's not as edgy as he's made out to be, the only thing that would get him a rated R is the gore, and that's a easy workaround. But everyone likes to look to the game, and say "He was clearly rated R in the game!" Well, the game didn't follow any comic book story arc, and to be honest the game was raunchy, but not over the top raunchy. Okay I take that back there were so over the top raunchy parts, but many of them felt tacked on (The sex doll, the fangirls, hey did you know if you dig enough there's a topless fangirl model? Oh, sorry). At the end of the day, I think I liked Duggan and Poshens brand of deadpooly humor way more then the videogames, it's subtle, edgy when it needs to be, not to crass or obscene, and somehow it's touching, everything I'm looking for in the upcoming movie.


Hey, at the end of the day, all this is just an opinion, and who knows, the movie might be rated R after all! And then I've written all this for nothing... If you'll excuse me, I have some writers I need to threaten at gunpoint so that chunks of my life were not wasted. Feel free to discuss this article and leave feedback, I'll reply if I deem your comment worthy, and when I have time. Remember to smile!


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