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Archie R Spires

Because what's the point of being a fanboy without mindlessly guessing what's going to happen and then getting angry later?

All predictions are based on the teaser image and logo:

Barbara Gordon returns as Oracle and Birds of Prey returns to its former rotating cast glory.

Darkseid and Brainiac are doublecrossed (or attacked during a moment of weakness) by Brother Eye.

Superman goes back to his classic Modern Age look.

His identity is leaked, but post-Convergence no one remembers.

Christopher Kent returns.

Batman and Joker come to a head. Alfred almost dies, retires, and Julia leaves with him. Harper Roe takes over Bat-Central as Roe-1/Penny-3

Jim Gordon announces his run for mayor of Gotham.
Harvey Bullock becomes the new commissioner.

Earths 0-3 converge recreating the post-Crisis New Earth.

Convergence launches on April 1 with a #0 by Jeff King, Dan Jurgens and artist Ethan Van Sciver.


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