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It’s hard to believe that it’s been fifteen years since it went off the air.

Wings ran for eight seasons and one hundred seventy two on NBC. It was not a ratings leader but it was solid popular part of the network’s “Must-See” roster of comedies. Though it was not a spin-off, it had visits by characters from Cheers and Fraser during its run.

The story of two likeable but bungling brothers trying to run a one plane airline out on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, Wings is still available runs on various video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Here is an update on the cast:

Tim Daly (Joe Hackett) went on to make a number of appearances on TV shows, most notably The Sopranos and Private Practice, which ran for six seasons. He is the animated voice of Superman and has three films with release dates to be announced.

He recently made news when it was announced that he and his Madame Secretary co-star, Tea Leoni, are a real-life couple.

Steven Weber (Brian Hackett) is extremely busy with a number of appearances in TV series: Sleepy Hollow; Chasing Life; Helix and House of Lies. He also has three films due out over the next year.

Crystal Bernard (Helen Chapel Hackett) hasn’t been overly busy acting in recent years. She appeared in few TV shows and movies. She continues pursuing her music career, having released two solo albums. Her songwriting ability has been in demand with singers Paula Abdul and Peter Cetera recording her songs.

David Schramm (Roy Biggins) has spent most of his time performing in theatre productions-his first love. He resides in New York.

Rebecca Schull (Faye Cochran) most recently appeared in the TV series, Chasing Life. She recently celebrated her eighty-sixth birthday.

Thomas Haden Church (Lowell Mathers) has three films in the works this year.

Tony Shalhoub (Antonio Scarpacci) is best known for his work in the series, Monk. This year, he appears in Nurse Jackie and has a role in the upcoming independent film, The Adventures of Beatle.

Farrah Forke (Alex Lambert) has acted only sporadically in the past decade. She is busy raising her twin sons, born in 2005.

Amy Yasbeck (Casey Chapel) has, in recent years, appeared the TV series, Bones, Modern Family, and Workaholics.

In one very sad aside regarding the show, David Angell, one of the show’s creators, died along with his wife, on September 11, 2001. They were in the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Center.

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Tim Daly/Tea Leoni are a couple.
Tim Daly/Tea Leoni are a couple.


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