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The new Cinderella is out! I recently saw it and let me say, I am very impressed. I was kind of expecting it to be awesome already though, so maybe I'm biased. Huge shout out to the costume department! The costumes for every person in the movie were exquisite and I was awed by the dresses. Another shout out to the camera people, catching some interesting shots. Lily James was the perfect Cinderella. The chemistry between her and Richard Madden on screen seemed so real it took my breath away. This movie is definitely in my top 10.

Even the movie was AMAZING, did we really need another Cinderella? The cartoon version has like, 2 sequels, plus we have the live action from 1997 starring Brandy as Cinderella. Not to mention the tons of "modern twists" from such as A Cinderella Story starring Hillary Duff and Another Cinderella Story (You could be a little more creative with the name) starring Selena Gomez. The question is, did Hollywood really need to make another one?


Did we really need another Cinderella?

Now I'm not criticizing the movie, more the idea that Hollywood wasn't creative enough to come up with something new. What's with the lack of new ideas here? I know that I could list off a ton of books that could be made into movies, especially The Selection series. I've heard rumors that they actually might be happening, but can someone confirm that please?

So here is my idea. I'm going to create a list of my top 5 books or series that I think should be made into movies. I'm sure you have seen lists like this before. I'm hoping mine gives a fresher viewpoint, with some new ideas. Hollywood, feel free to use anything you see here!

  • #5 - Gallagher Girl Series by Ally Carter: This 6 book series has the perfect combination of drama, romance, and action that could easily make it a hit. Big plus, it has spies in it. Well, not just in it, the main characters ARE spies. Trust me, it's cool. The one problem, it's 6 books long. If you could figure out a way to combine them into 3 movies, or even 4 (since that's what they like to do with trilogies now), then you could have a mega blockbuster on your hands.
  • #4 - Airhead Series by Meg Cabot: Technically, it's a trilogy since it only has 3 books, but Meg Cabot's website says it's a series. Again, perfect combination of drama, romance, action, and this even has sci-fi! Let's just say they toss around the idea of moving one person's brain to another's body. Cool right? The whole story is really unique to the books. Downfalls? I don't see any at this point.
  • #3 - My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick: I love this book. Definitely in my top 10. It's more of a teen girl movie, seeing it's based around a relationship between Samantha Reed and Jase Garrett. It's a one book story, so no sequels here, which might be kind of refreshing. There are a ton of plot twists in this book, which would give the movie an edge. You never know when the next turn is coming!
  • #2 - Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han: This is another teen romance. It's perfect, because it's believable. Readers can understand exactly what the main character, Belly Conklin, is going through. It is flowery, and it's honest, even if it gets dark. This trilogy has so much stuff in it that you could take the movies in almost any direction. That's also the problem, there is almost too much going on, and sometimes it has scenes that could make keeping it PG-13 would be hard.
  • #1 - The Selection Series by Kiera Cass: Yes, I have already mentioned this, and yes there are rumors about them becoming movies. I have to put in the number one spot though! I love this series, it's my second all time favorite behind Divergent. It's great for fans of the TV show, The Bachelor, and for people into dystopian fiction. I can just see the costume department in this movie having a blast with all the dresses! And guess what, there's a LOVE TRIANGLE (woo...not really) that Hollywood seems to love. There are so many hidden things that can make the movies interesting to viewers of many different age groups. Major downfall: The series isn't finished yet. Fans are patiently awaiting the release of the 4th book, The Heir, which seems like will have more to follow after it. I'm not Kiera Cass (duh), so I can't say for sure. Maybe that will be the end. Who knows!

That's it for my list! Think I missed something? Leave a comment below. I'd love discuss others unique ideas!


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