Byavinash kaushik, writer at

Ahhh... finally I am going to tell you how I feel after watching Arjun Kapoor as Pintoo.

Mr. Amit Sharma directed movie Tevar has a poor story... it seems like a love story of 1888.. Pintoo mean Arjun Kapoor is playing a role of rude , naughty Kusti boy and our actress Sonkshi Sinha is playing a role of a simple girl, she has a brother, who is a news reporter and a mummy and a daddy like me..

You can have some interest after entering Dhasu Manoj Bajpai , who is playing a role of Mahabali and he is also brother of cm. So as you know , while mudering a person Radhika's brother see Vijendra mean Manoj Bajpai and news reporter also murdered by Vijendra but between this Vijendra falls in love with Radhika.

Radhika tries to escap from Vijendra and finally our hero comes to save Radhika (Sonakshi Sinha ) ,. Now Vijendra is seeking Pintoo to kill him , long story in short after Vijendra has killed and Pintoo got his Radhika. I think Arjun Kapoor has played his role well and Manoj Bajpai also. Sonakshi Sinha havn't a long time role and she also done well. Some times you found some interest and all time you will be bore. Story of this movie is old and same to 1888's movies.


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