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Buffy the Vampire Slayer turned 18 years old this week and we discussed what the cast has been up to. Little did we know that the woman behind Buffy had been playing a Disney Princess since retiring from being the Slayer!

Sarah Michelle Gellar has traded in her stake and holy water for a pair of glass slippers and her best Cinderella gown to be pitted against Whitney Avalon's Belle in a rap battle of fairytale princess proportions on the Youtube series Princess Rap Battles.

Check out the two princesses throwing shade at one another in the hilarious video below:

Before you jump to any conclusions over which princess spit the best rhymes, let's break down the video for a bit of a recap.

Let's meet our rappers...

Cinderella versus Belle, the Disney Princess rap battle that no one really asked for, but we're still thankful exists.

Cinderella brings her iconic slippers into the mix

Fun fact: Cinderella's feet are a dainty size 4 1/2. How she stayed standing on those things, I'll never know.

But Belle does have both the street and book smarts

She does have an entire library and a beastly boyfriend to back her up.

On the other hand, Cindy always has had a knack for timeliness

Cinderella really isn't holding back any punches! Who needs all that time being stuck in the Beast's castle? All Cindy needs is one dance!

What do you guys think of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new look? Of course SMG can do just about anything, but is she better suited to being a vampire slayer or Disney princess?


Who won this episode of Princess Rap Battles?


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