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Believe it or not, it's been 15 years since Pokemon-rival Digimon first beamed onto our screens. Now, the original cast (as well as their Japanese voice actors) are back for a special anniversary reunion, and they look a little different since we last saw them. Prepare yourself for a nostalgic blast from the past - you're not gonna want to miss this!

But before we go any further, let me get those nostalgic neurons firing with the original show's unforgettable opening theme:

I haven't heard that childhood anthem in years! But why should you care about the new series?

For starters, Digimon Adventure Tri is a direct continuation of the first season you likely grew up watching. Set approximately six years after the events of 1999's Digimon Adventure, it marks the return of protagonist Taichi; now a 17-year old high school student.

The anime studio behind the new series, Toei Animation, has released some killer concept art sure to whet your appetite ahead of the show's return, expected to drop some time in April. Check it out...

Digimon Returns!

For die-hard fans out there, you may well recognize the iconic railcar that originally transported the cast to the Digital World. I love the new look, reminding me a little of Studio Ghibli's distinctive work.

All Grown Up

For reference, this is what the Digimon characters looked like 15 years ago:

And here's how they look now:

Fast-forwarding the universe's timeline is a great idea, drawing in those that remember the original show, and who've grown up in age right alongside the fictional characters. I just wonder if a more mature cast will lead to a focus on more grown-up themes.

Twitter Gets All Nostalgic

Fan reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly positive, with some Saturday morning cartoon memories fueling anticipation:

Still not convinced this is the show for you? Well, wait until you see it in motion, as Digimon Adventure Tri has also got it's first ever teaser trailer. Take a peek for an idea of what to expect later this year...

Details on Tri are thin, but it appears as though the series will be available through simulcast on various streaming platforms.

I can't wait to see what they do with the classic franchise!

Will you be tuning in for the new Digimon series? What do you think of the character re-designs and what can we expect from the new high school age focus?


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