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You know how there are those people out there who just have a name that perfectly suits them? No one's fictional parents were better at naming their children than those of the Disney Princess.

The 21-year-old Australian Disney fan, known simply as Jack, has created an album with images of some of the Disney Princesses paired with the origin and meaning behind their names. For the most part, these ladies were each named with a careful image in mind. For others, not so much.

Cinderella / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

As someone who spent most of her formative years cleaning up after her stepmother and sisters, Little Ashes seems fairly appropriate.

Sleeping Beauty / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Sure, she was light, bright, and as gorgeous as the twilight before sunrise. She also definitely seems like the type that likes to wake up really early to get a good start on the day. That is, as long as she's not under a magical spell that keeps her asleep.

The Little Mermaid / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Ariel means "Lion of God" in Hebrew, but another connection can be made to Shakespeare.

Ariel was also the name of a sprite in Shakespeare's The Tempest. In The Tempest, Ariel is rescued by Prospero, a magician, and is forced to serve him. Sounds a bit like Ariel's relationship with Ursula.

Beauty and the Beast / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Well this needs no explanation. Belle was beautiful, brainy, and wasn't one to be fooled by good looks alone. Sorry, Gaston.

Aladdin / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Jasmine may have been named after a flower, but she's far from delicate. She may be beautiful, but she's also pretty tough.

Pocahontas / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Of course Pocahontas is playful! She does paint with all the colors of the wind, after all.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

I'm guessing "emerald" is talking about the color of her eyes. Also emeralds are known as the gemstones that preserve love and act as a symbol of hope. Her song "God Help the Outcasts" certainly suggests that she has her eyes set on a better future for her people.

Hercules / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

I don't think that any name on this list is better suited to her character than Megara's. Meg is a sassy force to be reckoned with. She wasn't even afraid to make a deal with Hades if it meant helping the people she loved, even if it ended up being a bad decision.

Mulan / Disney Animationn / Disney Animationn

In Chinese, orchids are the symbol of elegance and spring. No doubt Mulan is elegant as hell. But, much like spring does to winter, she also starts shifting the beliefs of antiquated traditions of old, and brings in a new, fresh perspective.

Tarzan / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Tarzan probably considers Jane a gift from God. Who else would have brought a pretty, smart, young woman to a deserted island?

Lilo & Stitch / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Wow! Lot's of beauty in these names, but for a good reason. Nani is beautiful both inside and out. She's the tough, yet tender older sister Lilo needed after their parents died.

The Princess and the Frog / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

It wasn't called The Princess and the Frog for nothing!

Brave / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

I can absolutely see where "pearl" comes in to describe Merida. Like the pearl inside of an oyster, she may act rough and tough on the outside, but once you get to know her you can see how lovely she really is.

Frozen / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

I actually don't know if a word like "gracious" really describes Anna. True, she's forgiving, sweet, and compassionate, but anything synonymous with words like "tactful" and "graceful" just doesn't sound like Anna. That's why she's the best! / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Elsa is also commonly seen as meaning "noble" and "royal," which definitely describes the Elsa, Queen of Arendelle.

Moana / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

We haven't even seen [Moana](movie:2366693) yet, but we do know that it's going to be set across various islands in the South Pacific. From the concept art alone, it's clear that the ocean is going to be a pretty big part of her story.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Lips red as a rose? Yup. Skin white as snow? Yup. Snow White checks out, you guys.

Tangled / Disney Animation / Disney Animation

Well, that's something.

So what did you guys think about these Disney Princesses and their names? Which princess do you think has the name that best fits her?

If there any other connections that you guys can take away or any that were interpreted incorrectly, please let me know in the comments section!

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