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Talented Italian artist and sculptor Alessandro Boezio has done what every artist plans to do when creating something; Boezio got his audience to feel something they don't typically feel; he created an experience through a sculpture. He puts the viewer of his work in an intrigued yet uncomfortable state of mind. When you see his art, you'll almost immediately know what I'm talking about.

So, check it out:

Mano in Piedi

So, this looks like Baby Groot if instead of branches, Groot had fingers... er, legs for fingers. Also, check out the veins.


Yet another piece that I could look at for a full hour and still not know how to feel about. Great work here! This is very cool. I think this would make for a really cool table.


Trippy... he used various materials, most notably fiberglass and clay, to make these interesting formations of body parts. I feel like all of these pieces are familiar but also completely brand new all at once.


So, I guess this is what it would look like if we interlocked our fingers... but if those fingers were legs. Chaos is the perfect title for a piece that is so all-over-the-place. Awesome.


One of the most striking elements of these pieces is the ridiculous attention to detail, what with the nails, knuckles, and even the wrinkles in the fingers.

Equilibrio Aureo

This one almost looks normal... until you realize there are two thumbs and two index fingers. It's almost a normal peace-sign, but also completely not.


This one, for me, is almost hard to look at. It definitely looks like a creature of some sort. A centipede, maybe. Really cool, and strange. This dude is a seriously skilled artist.

Equilibrio Aureo

I love the symmetry of this piece. There's no way this could have been easy to do.


Once again, I keep coming back to this point, but I love how it almost looks like something normal - but is completely abnormal.


More creepy-crawler type imagery.

If you liked what you saw above, do yourself a favor and check out his website and/or his Facebook page. There's even more really cool work on there.

(Via: Hi Fructose)


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