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If you're a fan of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), you will certainly enjoy this story. A young fan of the show (imgur name is BadSimulation) had arguably the coolest Chicago Fan Fest Comic Con experience of anybody in attendance. She did a Beth Greene cosplay, and the rest fell into place perfectly. Keep in mind, it was her birthday, which made it extra special.

Here she is - I'd say this cosplay is pretty spot on - and she attracted a lot of attention from fellow fans who wanted her picture. What do you think?

But not only did almost everybody who knew who Beth was want a picture with her... that is only the tip of the awesomeness-iceberg. She was debating getting an autograph from Norman Reedus, who of course plays Daryl Dixon. An autograph would've cost her $80... a little steep, she thought.

What she got, instead, was much better. Norman noticed her trying to sneak a photo of him for her Snapchat, but what transpired next is literally what dreams are made of...

Reedus saw her and said "Hey, look at you! I have to show Emily this." Emily Kinney is the actress who plays Beth on the show. Clearly, the cast is close and has bonded because that was the first idea that popped in to Norman's head. He took a picture of our Beth and sent it to Kinney. Super cool.

Next, Reedus gave her his bracelet.

So, she ended up getting Reedus' signature, a hug, a free photo with a $110 value, and Norman's bracelet. That is not a bad birthday, if you ask me.

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