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Justin Noel Agabi-Keyamo

What happens when a Mystical Creature, a Dark Elf, is brought and raised in Modern Civilization?

I love Everything Elves. When I first read Lord of the rings, I fell in love with elves. When I watched the film, I fell in love with them.

Who Am I? I am no one of importance. Just a guy who loves elves. ( now you know Am a guy that loves elves)

I am also a happy go lucky sort of guy and I have come up with something that is a brand new concept and want to see what you think about it. Am sure there will be people who find this article boring , say I am Awful at writing, I am hopeless at punctuation, am just an attention seeker and promoting myself. You are right. But Please indulge me. Drop whatever you are doing, have a seat, Lets talk one to one as Fantasy Lovers.

Elves are Portrayed to be Magnificent, Beautiful, Fast, Agile, Super beings. All really good Strengths to watch an action packed film, am sure you will agree (que legolas killing the elephaunt) But only thing that I find annoying is this:

Why are they always portrayed as, Bow Wielding, dress wearing, Medieval Looking creatures?

They are stronger, faster, prettier and have a higher brain Capacity than us normal humans. Not to mention they live longer than we do. Surely they can evolve faster than humans. More advanced weapons. Lazer guns, Airships. You Know?

So I have come up with an idea. Never been done Before. It is a mixture of Matrix, LOTR, VAMPIRE DAIRIES, BUFFY.

I love vampires by the way dont get me wrong. But isnt it time to Get new supernaturals out there.

What sort of creatures can be the new supernaturals you ask?

Have a guess.


Now this is just a test shot of what I have done to give you an idea. (bare in mind i have never directed nor have I produced. This is just all Amateurish. (I am the Dark elf in the test shot) Come back when you are done watching.


25 years after Ryan/Selwyn's arrival in london, Kharleah the high priestess Of Orion returns to start his training so he is ready to take up his rightful place as the next king and the prophetic savior of Avalon and mankind, saving them from an evil that will affect both worlds. But, she has not taken into account that 25 years have passed since bringing him into London as a baby. (To her, only a day in a different plane has passed). So, its a race against time to Get him ready for the trials that will most definitely befall him.

However, Ryan Has a different Idea.

In his time on earth, he has discovered two things: 1) he has super human strength. (elves are super beings) 2) He has a unique magical ability. (you will find out what it is soon enough) Now with all these abilities, he has made a name for himself in a small part of London. Chelsea. Where he is Feared by the criminals and respected by the locals. Now, why would he want to risk his life and go back to Avalon, where people who are just as strong as him live? He would lose the novelty of being the only elf on earth.

Kharleah has the frustrating task of convincing Ryan that He must Prepare. (Ryan has the potential to be one of the most powerful sorcerers to ever live). To make Matters worse, Ryan has a twin brother who will stop at nothing to have him killed for his own evil Plans.

But Unknown to Both Kharleah and her Relunctant student, Ryan has a mysterious Past Life which is catching up on him.

The story is jam packed with Magic, Elves, Angels, Gods, And demons.

Why am I, An unknown actor and director, telling you this? To be honest I just need support to make a full pilot. The opportunity to Create something original and new. And with your help I can.

If you liked this Article and liked the test shot that I have done, then feel free to share and contribute any amount that you can muster.

Thank you for reading this and may the gods be with you.

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This will be the final look of Ryan/AKA Selwyn.


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