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That's right, Infinite Earths fans! A third Tron is set to film this fall with Joseph Kosinski back to direct.

According to Vancity Buzz, Disney will commence filming on the threequel on October 5th, 2015. Badass Digest also has trusted sources who've claimed Tron: Legacy director Kosinski will be back to helm the next film in the cult sci-fi franchise.

Back in December 2012, a third Tron movie was revealed to be in development. In April 2013, Kosinski revealed that the film was still a go and was still being worked on.

Garrett Hedlund Will Return as Sam Flynn in Tron 3
Garrett Hedlund Will Return as Sam Flynn in Tron 3

In addition, actor Garrett Hedlund is expected to be back as Sam Flynn in the new film. He is, thus far, the only actor confirmed to return for Tron 3.

More info as it becomes available.

(Source: IGN)

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