ByAbby Bryant, writer at
  • I don't watch movies very often but here are my favorites for when i do!

1.Hunger Games series

I love watching all of them my favorite one though has been the first one. I hate that on everyone of them its a cliffhanger. The worst cliffhanger one though has been Catching Fire.

2. Scream Series

I think my favorite out of all the Screams has to be either the first or fourth one. Sometimes when i watch it its more funny than scary. My least favorite on is probably the third one though.

3.The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is an awesome movie I loved it. Its suspensful and like a thriller if you ask me. Plus lots of cute guys play in it!


I love the movie Divergent. Tris is so brave and just awesome kind of person. But, Four is very attractive. I do think it relates to the Hunger Games series in a lot of different ways.

5. Despicable Me

I don't think this movie would be such a big hit without the minions. They are so fun to watch, especially the purple ones. But i do think Agnes is adorable.


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