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Hello Games' [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) has tremendous potential in terms of the online community that it could create. We've seen elitist communities, negative communities, absent ones and minimal ones sprout up around games over the years. All of which can happen to any game in the days following its release date. But in what manner will players interact with one another in No Man's Sky's universe on the PS4 and PC?

Sean Murray, has painted a world of tranquility. Though there are certainly hostile planets in No Man's Sky, the way in which he advocates exploration and interaction with this universe is rather calming. He really wants players on the PS4 and PC to take their time with this universe on its release date. To take in their surroundings and explore the darkest reaches of a planet or space itself.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky & Its Online Community

You know, the console race is such a ridiculous notion. One that inherently creates factions that love to attack one another over nothing really. I'd love to see a game like No Man's Sky hit the Xbox One, so that all kinds of players could experience its world. The community would seriously increase in size and perhaps the universe of the game would be more interesting with a larger population.

Though I must say, that even without the presence of an Xbox One version, it's going to be rather difficult to run into other players in this massive world. That's why I wonder what kind of community will evolve with No Man's Sky. As more planets are created, will we see great little spaces sprout up online where we can all share our experiences with one another and the developers of the game?

Sperm Dragons in No Man's Sky
Sperm Dragons in No Man's Sky

How Will We Meet Online in Space in No Man's Sky?

Surely there will be! But I hope that players can adopt the approach that Sean Murray talks about, but also be comfortable in that mode for a prolonged period of time. I worry that No Man's Sky's procedurally generated universe may become tedious after a while, as players seek out a new way to pass the time in space.

Of course though, carving out your own path and experience seems to be a core element of this game. I just hope that this world deserves the treatment that Hello Games aspire for it. I'd love to see a welcoming and fascinated community develop around this title. One that can share their experiences of the art they've engaged with and share brief moments where we can meet alongside one another in awe as we stare at the stars.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Will you be picking up a copy of No Man's Sky on the PS4 or PC on its release date? Do you wish that an Xbox One version was released for the game? Let us know what kind of online community you'd like to see form around Hello Games' latest adventure!


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