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I really love the big epic space opera stories, that seem so rare these days. I have enjoyed the Foundation and DUNE Sagas, but I don't see a lot of big epic space stories.

The first attempt to do a big scope saga on TV for me was Babylon 5, with a lot of themes and mythology similar to the Lord of the Rings, but in space. At time seem cheesy, but i liked it. So I started to build a Universe in my spare time for about 8 years, doing conceptual design, 3D models and recycling ideas form my favorite books.

I´m no writer, mostly an illustrator, so I started using a basic structure for a story outline that seems to exist in every Movie, TV show, Novel or Comic book I´ve seen so far... and went from there. Most of the time I take the story as it goes, but always going back to that base story outline.

What the Wachowsky brothers made with the MATRIX is a mish-mash of all the thing they love (Sci-fi, kung-fu movies, Anime, Mechas, Cyberpunk, etc...) So I´m trying to do the same in a Sci-Fi Universe of my own.

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