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Hey y'all! Today I have bestowed upon myself to create a Movie Poster for the film Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Now for those who are living under a rock for the past decades (yes you) or simply just want to relive the film click here to watch the trailer.

Without further adieu (did not Google that) the poster:

Ta~Daa! Now I know the poster looks quite boring but there a few reasons for the Art Direction I am going for.

Elements of the Movie that is in the Poster.

  • You know I'm all about that Bass: In the movie the Bass is a Rickenbacker and it is actually not Scott's, it belongs to his brother, Lawrence. The bass in the poster is the exact same model in the movies.
  • The 7 Evil Exxxxxxxes: In the movie there is the League of Evil Exes which Scott needs to defeat. In the poster there is exactly 7 stars in the poster. Coincidence? I think NOT!
  • Why so RED: Cause that's the colour scheme?

You guyz get it now?

Hey. Hey you. Thanks for reading. This is one of the many Movie Posters that I am going to create and post here so if you like what I do you can follow me here OR on Tumblr which has a lot of it (click here) OR on Behance (click here).


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