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The internet has been buzzing since last week when BBC announced Jeremy Clarkson had been suspended from Top Gear and that the final three episodes of the current series may not even air now. What did Jeremy do?

What happened?

In a nutshell he punched his boss the producer of the show. In more detail one Clarkson's co-hosts James May confirmed that Jeremy Clarkson and the producer of the show Oison Tymon (pictured below) after he broke the news to Clarkson that no catering had been arranged for the presenters after finishing filming for the BBC2 show one even last week.

Oison Tymon - Producer of Top Gear
Oison Tymon - Producer of Top Gear

Fan Reactions.

Many fans of the show have been enraged that the presenter Clarkson has been suspended and that the final three episodes have been pulled from airing. However what they are forgetting is Oison Tymon is the boss of the show. Groups have even been created on social media where fans are claiming to be ready to boycott the show if Clarkson leaves. Petitions have also been started to force the BBC to reverse their decision.

Clarkson's Reaction to all the Events.

It would also seem Clarkson is not remorseful at all for his actions as he took to twitter joking about movies that could be shown to replace the final three episodes, and it has been reported he feels relaxed about the whole inquiry implying that he thinks he will get away with it. But maybe he shouldn't as his past would suggest this is the final straw for the BBC.

Looking to the past.

Clarkson seems to have been getting away with all sorts in the past few years and this may have been one stunt to far.

In March 2004 Clarkson swore and then resorted to using a punches against TV host Piers Morgan until security managed to restrain him. Morgan has even gone on record to say the altercation has left him with a scar above his left eyebrow.

In July 2008 BBC bosses told Clarkson off for sipping at a gin & tonic while driving a pick-up truck. Something which is unforgivable when the show is about cars and driving, this only endorses drink driving.

In November 2008 he hit a sore point with a reference to Peter Sutcliffe (who killed 13 prostitutes and nearly 7 others and is dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper) when he joked how lorry drivers "murder prostitutes.

In February 2009 Clarkson referred to Gordon Brown (the British Prime Minister at the time) as a "one-eyed Scottish idiot" during a press conferences in Australia.

In October 2009 he said the BBC was obsessed with hiring black, Muslim lesbians to counter against the number of white heterosexuals in their ranks.

In August 2010 he upset many when he referred to the Ferrai as "special needs" and "simpleton" when giving it a bad review.

In February 2011 he caused an diplomatic incident in Mexico and was forced to apologize to the Mexican ambassadors.

In January 2012 viewers complained about the provocative remarks Clarkson used concerning India's clothing, trains, food and history.

In May 2014 Clarkson got himself into trouble of the 'N'-word as he mumbled the word while singing a nursery rhyme on the Top Gear show.

In July 2014 he breached Ofcom guidelines when he referred to an Asian person as a "slope".

In October 2014 he caused offence driving through Argentina using a number plate that referred to the Falklands War.

Final Thoughts.

Why should Clarkson be let off? Especially when the altercation was all due to their not being catering. It is effectively the same as you walking into work and giving your boss a right hook. I know it has been said that the way to please a man is through his stomach, but I think throwing fists is going to far. Also when you look at his indiscretions throughout the years it some what reminds me of a naughty child who is used to getting away with their behavior. So for me personally I hope BBC stick to their guns and do not back down to fan pressure.


Guilty or Innocent? Should Clarkson be let off?


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