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As we progress in to 2015, comic books fans are ramping up towards some incredible events: DC's Convergence and Marvel's Secret Wars are dominating headlines everywhere. But with more than just big names joining in on one of the biggest years in comics to date, new names are gearing up to explode.

Few things are cooler for comic book fans than following an author or artist's work for a long time. Whether you've discovered a new artist or an underground writer, there's a sense of pride in knowing them "before they were big". The following list of comic creators features some incredible new names as well as long-time comic creators that deserve mountains of recognition for their hard work.

Kevin Wada

"Rising Star" doesn't even begin to describe the unique talent of Kevin Wada. You've more than likely seen his work floating to the surface of your pull list over the past year, but if you haven't, don't worry - alongside doing stellar covers for She-Hulk, Wada is now the official cover artist for DC's ongoing Catwoman series.

Jody Houser

This comic book writer has a long-reaching career that has made headlines, but not nearly enough with her name attached to it. Most recently, you may have read her [Marvel](channel:932254) debut for their No More Bullying campaign - her Guardians of the Galaxy story sees Rocket and Groot standing up for someone in need.

Houser's plate is about to get very, very full this year: Alongside writing her webcomic, CUPCAKE POW!, she's co-writing the Orphan Black comic book series, from IDW publishing. The series expands on the hit BBC show, and officially beat out all Big Two titles for the top selling comic of February 2015. With a background in strong, female-led fantasy stories (War Games and her contributions to Womanthology: Heroic and Womanthology: Space) we're set to see even great things out of this writer in the near future.

Babs Tarr

While her work is some of the most prominent and well-known on this list, I still feel that it's worth mentioning this innovative comic creator who has worked her way in to my heart with her stunning artwork and wildly growing career. You may know Babs from the new run of Batgirl (which makes her pretty easy to remember, since she and the character share a nickname), and if you do, you know that the bright and whimsical style of this comic book artist manages to mesh flawlessly in to the world of Gotham seen through Barbara Gordon's eyes.

Tarr will be covering art on the upcoming Convergence event - specifically in Superboy - so get ready for a lot more of this spirited and awesome artist.

Donny Cates

He's quickly becoming a fan favorite under the Dark Horse and Vertigo umbrellas, and for extremely good reason. Cates' characters are complex and real - when you read their monologues, you're sitting directly next to them, practically feeling the emotion radiate from their bodies. Okay, that's a little too in-depth, but my point still stands: Cates is enjoying incredible reviews for his work on The Ghost Fleet, his story about smuggling truckers with tons of on-the-road badassery.

With credits under the Valiant, Marvel, and Dark Horse umbrellas, Cates seems to be looking to put a new spin on the dark and broody comic book heroes we're so used to.

Stephanie Hans

Another artist taking the industry by storm, the Berlin-based Hans has made headlines for her modern-day iconic cover art. As an incredible contributor to the expansion of comic book art mediums, Hans relies on gorgeous watercolors and detailed facial expressions to bring our favorite superheroes to life.

With her work gracing the covers of Marvel comics, this tumblr discovery has produced mounted-poster-worthy comic book art, and is gearing up for a very busy year.

Are there any up-and-coming comic book creators that you think deserve some recognition? Let me know in the comments below!


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