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Thomas Marsula

It appears the the makers of the Last Guardian decided to put in game informer that this games release date was now a joke at best. recall getting a glance at E3 2013. Director Fumito claims the direction of the game had to change. He says, "I always wanted to explore the relationship between a boy and another, more gigantic boy." my guess is that he wanted to the character size to mean something important. Too many aspects of this game where never made clear. I thought that the name would hint at guarding a larger being or the guardian itself or you the player are the guardian. It seems 2015 might not get any further word quite yet. Though the writer Darth comments that we would learn so much more if the game was at some point cancelled. I don't know what to think of this speculation nor why this appeared on Game informer.

Perhaps one possible solution for the the team to put something together for the next E3 or big game event. Like some testable demo where players can add creative inputs to help guide the game. The key is patience and with a community that wants to see this game thrive maybe a small demo will help boost this game back up where it needs to be.


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