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Today, I'm going to try my luck in another contest. This time- The Marvel vs DC contest. I'm going to give it all I have to win. So, without further or do..

It was a dark, stormy night in Gotham City. The Joker hadn't seen Batman in months, not since he had that fight with that one.. Spider fellow. What was name again? No matter.. This only gave Joker more time. Batman would come back, right? Of course he would. Joker decided to go rob a bank, why not? It had been boring since his favorite bat had left. He decided not to take Harley with him, however. She had been acting.. Scared, lately.

He took his sharpest knife, and his favorite gun with him. He had a few back-up plans in case the bat tried to stop him. He remembered to bring a few of his goons with him, in case of that. He went to the front, put his gun up, and fired a few shots. He told the banker to 'fill her up' and whistled. He fired away at a few innocents. Then, something strange happened. The lights flickered on and off. There was a shadow. Then two. Then a few more. Who were these things? Or.. What was it? One of Joker's goons then fell to the ground. Then another. Then another. Oh, Batman. So predictable.. But the thing is, since when did Batman have.. Webs? He grabbed a web that was hanging down from the ceiling, twirling it around his finger. Joker then began whistling once more, not noticing a certain wall-crawling, web-thwiping, wise-cracking, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He landed a swift kick to Joker's jaw, remaining silent. Who was this, Joker thought. He pulled out his gun, and began firing away, laughing maniacally. None of them hit. How was he missing all of these? It was like Spider-Man knew where they were going to hit. Suddenly, Joker's face turned to that of a serious one. How was he doing that? How? Spider-Man had some sort of.. Black substance on him.

Spider-Man stood up, approaching Joker. He hit him as hard as he could, square in the jaw. And that, ladies and gentleman, was a K.O. He picked up Joker's gun, and knife, breaking them both. He had won.

That is.. Until Spider-Man fell to his knees. He screamed in agony. Oh no. His symbiote side was beginning to take over. And Joker took advantage of it. He punched Spider-Man. Over and over again, as hard as he could. He didn't stop. He picked up the hammer of one of his fallen goons, standing triumphantly over Spider-Man. He brought it down, feeling the satisfying crunch of his skull-

But when he looked down.. It wasn't Spider-Man.. It was.. One of his goons. Spider-Man was attempting to crawl away, and Joker wasn't about to let him do that, now would he? No, of course not. He ran over, and smashed the hammer down onto him, but Spider-Man.. He caught it. He pushed up as hard as he could. He wasn't going to die because of some crazy clown. He pushed Joker away, shooting a web at his face.

The entire reason Peter went to Gotham was because him and the Avengers were running a special operation there. They needed someone on the inside. They'd heard about this.. Justice League. And they needed to check them out. If he died, then who would be able to get in? The rest of them were all well known, but him? Not exactly.

And thus, the fight with Joker went on. Eventually, both of them grew exhausted, and when that happened.. Spider-Man thwiped a web at Joker's chest, tugging on it, before swinging him around the room. He threw him towards a wall, him going right through it. Spider-Man went to see where Joker landed, but what he saw.. It wasn't good. It was the Carnage symbiote.. What was it doing here? Either way, it had bonded with Joker. How was he going to stop Joker now? How? He knew exactly how. He'd heard about this tower in Gotham- Wayne Tower? Wasn't that it? Totally a copy of Stark Tower..

He began swinging towards it. Maybe they had something to stop the monstrosity there.. The thing is, Joker swung even faster.. Spider-Man needed a boost. He began running through the streets, blending in with the crowds of people there. They all seemed so sad. This place was so gloomy, it even brought Spider-Man down.. He ran into Wayne Tower, immediately taking a look around. If I were a weapon to stop a symbiote, where would I be? Where would I be.. He hopped into an elevator, waiting for it to stop. Joker was right behind him, but missed it. Joker pried the door open, and began climbing up behind Spider-Man. He was going to squash him like a bug. In his mind, he began humming the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'. Otherwise known as, every spider's least favorite song. Spider-Man walked into the room. Flamethrower. He knew what he needed. But he needed more time.. He knew what to do. He began filling the room with webs, making it hard for anyone to see. He took the flamethrower, and ran towards a laboratory. He began putting together the ultimate weapon for symbiotes. But before he could equip it, Joker charged into the room. How? Oh yeah, symbiote. Claws. Sigh. Joker leaped onto Spider-Man, leaving a long claw mark down his chest. Ouch. Spider-Man kept trying to grab the flamethrower, but missed everytime. They fought all throughout the building, leaving holes in walls, and indents in the ground. Spider-Man eventually grabbed the flamethrower, and aimed it at Joker. The glass behind Joker was broken. He turned it on, and forced Joker towards the hole. He then put down the flamethrower, and charged at Joker, tackling him and making them both fall down. All the way down. From nearly the top of Wayne Tower. Spider-Man punched a weakened Joker repeatedly, staying on top as they hit the ground as hard as possible. Though of course they didn't want to. Everyone around them turned, and gazed at the sight. What was that thing? And who was that fighting it? Who knows.. Spider-Man stood up, wiping his mouth. Did he win? He looked down.. A small piece of glass was stuck in his side. He pulled it out, screaming. Joker slowly stood up, grinning. He was about to speak, but when the words were about to come out of his mouth, one certain commissioner shot him. That's right, Gordon. Joker looked down, falling hard. A loud thud sound could be heard all throughout the city.

Well, that's about it for my 'Marvel vs DC' contest entry. If I do win, I'd like the Deadpool Funko or the Batman Funko.


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