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Hello, my name is Akari. Akari Kekse. I am a horror fanatic. One of my favorites sub-genres, in movies, is horror-anthology. This kind of movies, sadly, is not quite popular, even if there are excellent films representing this genre.

Today, I will present to you 7 films that all horror fanatics should give a try. In here, you may not find some of the most representative films of the genre, but you will know some gems that deserve a chance to be watched.

As always, if you have suggestions, please let me know below. I will try to check them.

I hope that you enjoy it!

The Monster Club

Several years ago, one Sunday morning, if I don't remember wrong, I was looking for something to watch on TV. After surfing for a while, I located something that looked interesting. It was the story of a man trapped in a small old church in a strange and decadent village. According to a young woman, the town was invaded several years ago by a horde of dreadful ghouls. I was instantly hooked.

I watched the rest of the movie and was highly surprised by the ending of this particular story.

I found the name of that film years later. It was named The Monster Club, and it was starred by the immortal Vincent Price. I tried to find it, but it was actually quite unknown, even if it had a faithful group of followers.

After years of looking for it, I had the luck to find it. It tells 3 horror stories, all based in different kind of monsters. The third one, the one with the ghouls, is the best of the 3 and the one who every fanatic of the genre has to watch.

Tales From The Hood

A group of drug dealers arrive to a Funeral Home to get some drugs. In there, they meet the eccentric owner who is happy and proud to show them some of his most recent "customers." Each one of them is lying inside a casket. Each one of them has a story to tell. Each one of them had lived a nightmare and had experienced hell.

This movie, for its tittle alone, has no right to be good. I mean, Tales From The Hood? What's that? Is this even a horror movie? Yes it is, and one surprisingly good, actually.

Campfire Tales

A group of teenagers, after surviving a car accident in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, decides to pass their time, waiting until dusk to ask for help, telling urban legends that happened to a friend of a friend.

You will find in here 3 good horror stories. The second one, my favorite, is specially unnerving and creepy, and you will be praying for the protagonist. The third one is very sad and moving (besides scary).

This is a good movie that is worth to watch for the charm that is only present in the 90´s, Also, you can recognize some familiar faces in here (like that guy from the X-Men!).

This is a cult movie that has a multitude of followers and you will found out why when you watch it.

13 Real Asian Horror Stories

In this movie (as its title suggests) you will not find 3 tales or even 4, but 13, all of them based in traditional legends of the rich Japanese folklore. What makes this film interesting, is that most segments are actually quite good and scary. Most last about 6 minutes, so they condense the scariness and dreadfulness in short bursts without making them boring,

You will find a lot of little gems in here that will upset and unnerve you. All Japanese horror fanatics have to check this one.


Howard Phillip Lovecraft, a horror author, finds that a copy of a forbidden book, the Necronomicon, is in the city, in a library, guarded by monks. He decides to risk his life in order to get a look. He reads 3 horror stories in there; all of them sharing a couple of elements: insanity and monstrous creatures.

This film, unlike most anthology movies, doesn't have a weak segment; all of them are appealing and captivating. My favorite must be the first one: A man who lost his true love decides to use this damned book in order to bring her back. We all can expect what kind of consequences he will face . . .

This is a movie dedicated to Lovecraft fans; they will find several references of his works in here.

Moo-seo-woon I-ya-gi

Ji-won, a Korean teenager, is kidnapped by a serial killer. She, in order to remain alive, has to tell him horror stories; it's the only way for him to sleep. Will she survive this ordeal? She can; if the stories are scary enough (they are).

In this film, in the third segment, you will find one of the best zombie stories ever. Also, no one of the stories is boring or dull; they are highly scary and original.

This is a must for all Asian horror fanatics.

Body Bags

This movie is directed by John Carpenter and starred by Mark Hamill.

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What? Do you need to know more about Body Bags? Do you want to know why you should watch it? Well, as I told you before, Mark Hamill is in here. You know, Han Solo. I mean, Luke Skywalker. It's a delight to watch him as a man struggling against the inner evilness that menaces to consume his life and his sanity. Also, he is wearing a mustache.

The second story may sound a little silly: A man tries to get new hair, and he seeks help in a new company that promises to give you lots of it. The tale is managed with a certain amount of silliness and humor, but the ending its actually quite horrific and original.

A great movie that all Carpenter's fans have to watch.

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