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It's one thing to turn something like Alice In Wonderland into someone's acid dream but come on Dumbo? I know this movie isn't one of the happiest Disney films of all-time, quite frankly it's darn right near depressing, racist, involves drinking, bullying and apparently a mute elephant. It will be a cold day in hell when I see this movie.

If this comes to fruition, we all know Helena Boham Carter and/or Johnny Depp will be apart of it some how. Depp will most likely voice the mouse while Carter will do the voice of one of the snobby lady elephants if they go that route. What was a 60+ minute cryfest will turn into quite possibly a 2 hour plot of acid type hallucinations, a Tim Burton infested set of whack job characters and a circus that would make cirque du soleil blush.

Don't get me wrong, Burton is an incredible director and has made some classic stuff like Beetlejuice, Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands but since he got the greenlight to do live-action Disney films has become far more out there then he has ever done and it's become more sketchy at best. Sure some Disney movies as of late have moments of like "what the hell was that" or whatever. With the exception of Frozen (which I found good but not that appealing) most Disney movies in the last 5 years are just chalk full of stuff that isn't really meant for kids but tries to think they are.

I will admit I'm not a big Dumbo fan, it was already weird when I saw it as a kid but now that i'm older i'm looking at this flick with a whole other perspective and as much as I like the Big Eared elephant seizing the day it was downright depressing and a bit violent at times along with some serious acid issues with that dream sequence and did you notice that even in the beginning, the black workers had no faces but the white guys did, that's messed up. I understand there was racism at that time but come on dude. How about some of those clowns being complete jack asses and those Crows. Now it's going to be an live-action movie?

I seriously hope it doesn't bring that crap into that kind of environment which most likely it won't or Burton will be running for his life. Do I think this movie would be a big hit, yes I do but i'am extremely skeptical and hard to swallow the fact that out of all people getting Burton on this Disney needs a CAT Scan, actually this company needs to check entire being since they've bought practically nearly the entire major film industry (Lucasfilm & Marvel anyone?). This is mostly a sign where remakes are the talk of the town and apparently they're more important than original stories. Now if Burton was directing a live-action Winnie The Pooh film that would make more sense but Dumbo, I just can't picture that.

This will be a travesty and mega million box office deal at the same time and if it ever hits the theaters I might see it but I might have nightmares later on that night. Let's not forget some of the horrish "pleasentry" of Alice In Wonderland, now take that and put about 40% of that into Dumbo, it's frightening just imagining it.



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