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Gotham City 3/12/2017
Gotham City 3/12/2017
The night is young and the street lights don't reach far enough into the shadows of Gotham. Today I faked another meeting at Wayne Enterprises, my only thought was, how long it would take me to get ready for tonight. My only wish is to be the Batman. For when I am out there, a murderer decides not to go out tonight, saving a child from the pain I once suffered. This isn't a job, this is insurance for the citizens of Gotham. I am the knight, I am the...


"Alfred, any details on what that is"

"Sir, it seems to be something robotic. Could it be Cyborg?"

"That's not Cyborg, I am getting a lock on it. Whatever it is, its coming my way."

"Should I dispatch Nightwing as back up?"

"No, I can handle this"

What the hell is that thing. I feel like I have seen him before. Looks like what Jason Todd used to read as a kid. No, it can't be.....Iron Man? That's a comic book character, its not possible. I am pretty rich but I can't build a robotic suit that good.

"Well look who it is, the Batman. Been looking for you. Heard you think your the best hero of all time. Let me tell you, on my earth all the fan boys go crazy over your comics. You won't believe this but in my dimension you got played by Nicholas Cage. Somehow he won an oscar."

"Why are you here. I don't got time to play dress up with Iron Man."

"So says the guy dressed up as a bat. At least you know who I am. I guess in this world, I am in your comics. I got a problem, you see. I can't get back to my world without something you have."

"And what is that, because its not often I let people borrow things, Mr. Stark"

"Well, MR.WAYNE! I need that Kryptonite on your belt. I know its the only weakness to your friend Clark but its the only way I can open the dimension back home."

"Over my dead body"

"That can be arranged"

Batman exited his Batplane, gliding safely to ledge, Iron Man tailing his every move. Batman turned to throw a stun grenade but Iron Man deflected it. Iron Man energy blasted the Bat but he escaped and glided to the adjoining roof. Batman threw a batarang at the the glowing center of Stark's chest. His suit only took a slight dent and a spark. Iron Man relentless in his quest for Krytonite finally grabbed Batman and with few hard hits had him on the ground.

"So I guess your not so tough after all, Bruce"

"I got to say, you are a worthy adversary. You are smart but not as smart as me. See if you would have been polite, I could have gotten you home without a scratch. You opted for the hard way."

Batman leaped to his feet and held the Kryptonite in his hand. In a quick jab, Batman put the Krytonite right through his Ark Reactor. In a flash, Iron Man vanished as he was pulled piece by piece in the other dimension.

"I am still the best. That will teach him never to travel dimensions again"


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